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Forrie J. Smith, best-known for his role as Lloyd Pierce in the TV show “Yellowstone,” claimed he was kicked off a flight after refusing to be seated next to a passenger wearing a face mask. Stranded in a Houston airport, Smith shared his story on Instagram, reaching out to his followers with the hashtags #cowboy #country #western #yellowstone #yellowstonetv. In the video, he expressed discomfort about sitting next to someone wearing a mask and was ultimately removed from the plane, leading him to express his frustration and anger about the situation.

The actor mentioned that he had been drinking, as he had been waiting in the airport for three hours, but he maintained that he was not drunk. Smith criticized the airline for not standing up against what he views as unfair treatment and expressed his disbelief at being thrown off the plane for expressing his discomfort about sitting next to a masked passenger. The specific airline and reasons for his removal were not made clear in his video, and his representatives did not provide immediate comments in response to requests for more information.

In a separate incident in 2022, Smith was forced to miss the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards due to the event’s strict protocols requiring guests to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Attendees were required to have received a booster shot, provide a negative COVID-19 test within 48 hours of the show, and wear masks during the event. In a now-deleted Instagram video, Smith apologized for his absence, stating that he is unvaccinated and does not plan to get vaccinated, citing concerns about the impact of vaccines on his immune system.

Smith acknowledged that he does not follow vaccination protocols for himself, his dogs, or his horses, nor has he ever received a flu shot. He indicated that he does not believe in vaccinations and is hesitant to compromise his immune system. Despite intending to walk the red carpet at the awards show, he ultimately chose to miss the event due to the vaccination requirements and his personal beliefs. Smith’s decision not to be vaccinated aligns with his beliefs and values, although it has led to him missing opportunities such as attending the Screen Actor’s Guild Awards.

The actor’s public statements against vaccines and refusal to comply with vaccination requirements highlight his personal beliefs and values regarding health and immunity. As a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, Smith’s actions have garnered attention and sparked discussions about vaccine hesitancy and personal choice. While he has faced consequences such as missing industry events due to his stance on vaccination, Smith remains steadfast in his decision not to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and continues to express his views on the matter, stimulating conversations about health, safety, and individual rights. Despite the controversies surrounding his actions, Smith’s refusal to be vaccinated underscores the complexities and challenges of navigating personal beliefs in a society that often prioritizes public health measures.

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