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In June 2017, Bill Ackman, a billionaire hedge-fund financier, joined Twitter amidst personal and professional struggles. His early posts were relatively tame compared to his dramatic investing style. By 2018, he met and fell in love with MIT professor Neri Oxman, which he believed would turn his firm’s performance around. However, it was Twitter that provided him with insights during the pandemic, leading to a massive profit. Ackman now has over 1.2 million followers on the platform and has become a celebrity in his own right, engaging in public campaigns and controversial discussions.

Ackman’s use of Twitter has expanded his influence beyond the investment world, attracting followers from various backgrounds. He has engaged in aggressive campaigns, such as pushing out Harvard University’s president over allegations of antisemitism and plagiarism. Ackman’s approach to issues mirrors his professional style of full-speed-ahead engagement, often causing collateral damage. Despite criticism, Ackman has become a prominent figure on social media, with tens of impersonators mimicking him online.

Acknowledging his newfound fame, Ackman stated that he has no intentions of running for president but values having an independent voice and influence. He plans to fund a “think-and-do-tank” to address issues such as antisemitism and child sex trafficking. Ackman also announced a plan to raise over $10 billion in an initial public offering from U.S. retail investors to invest in public companies. This ambitious move is a reflection of Ackman’s confidence and desire to continue leveraging his following.

Mr. Ackman is known for his desire to fix things that are broken, whether it’s in his personal life or in corporations. He has intervened in various situations, including providing financial support to individuals facing legal challenges and funding new research labs. Despite his tendency to involve himself in the lives of others, Ackman has faced criticism for his interventions, with some accusing him of exerting undue influence and causing harm to communities.

Hailing from a career marked by notable wins and losses, Ackman gained prominence through successful bets against companies like MBIA but also suffered losses in high-profile investments like J.C. Penney and Valeant. Despite setbacks, he has managed to maintain access to capital through innovative fund structures. Ackman’s intense involvement in social and political issues, including campaigns against Harvard University’s president and accusations of plagiarism against his wife, has drawn both praise and criticism for his activism.

While Ackman’s influence and public profile continue to grow, he faces scrutiny for his aggressive tactics and unwavering beliefs. His recent campaigns and involvement in sensitive issues have sparked controversy, leading to resignations and backlash from individuals and organizations. Ackman’s commitment to fighting antisemitism and advocating for change reflects his evolving priorities, as he navigates the complex intersection of personal beliefs, social activism, and financial investments.

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