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In a class-action lawsuit against Apple, plaintiffs allege that the tech giant did not adequately address privacy concerns related to its AirTag digital tracking devices, leading to instances of unwanted stalking and abuse. The lawsuit, which was filed last year and recently received court approval to proceed, claims that individuals suffered significant injuries due to the abuse of Apple’s Bluetooth tracker. Despite Apple’s initial efforts to emphasize privacy features and promote the use of AirTags for tracking items, not people, some users have reported incidents of being tracked and harassed. The lawsuit includes accounts of a woman finding an unwanted AirTag amid a divorce and another woman being repeatedly tracked and harassed after a breakup.

According to the plaintiffs’ lawyers, at least 150 police reports have been filed describing the use of AirTags for stalking victims as of April 2022. However, this number may not capture all incidents and could potentially be higher. Apple has defended its work on AirTags, highlighting security features such as unwanted-tag detection and audible alerts to notify individuals of unexpected AirTags nearby. The company also introduced an Android app to help users detect and disable AirTags in their vicinity. Despite these measures, reports suggest that the privacy protections may not be entirely effective in preventing unwanted tracking, raising concerns about the potential misuse of the technology.

Questions surrounding the use of AirTags as tracking devices have prompted discussions about the implications of having such trackers in various aspects of people’s lives. While AirTags have been used for legitimate purposes such as finding lost items, concerns have been raised about the potential for misuse and invasion of privacy. Apple has not disclosed the exact number of AirTags sold, but estimates suggest a significant market presence for the product. Individuals who suspect they may be victims of AirTag stalking can use the Find My app on their iPhone or the equivalent Android app to detect any unexpected AirTags accompanying them.

If individuals believe their safety is at risk due to potential stalking with AirTags, Apple advises contacting local law enforcement for assistance. Victims may need to provide the AirTag or its serial number to facilitate investigations. has a page where individuals can sign up to receive updates on the ongoing lawsuit against Apple related to AirTag misuse. As the case progresses, it will be important to monitor developments and potential outcomes regarding privacy protections and accountability for tech companies in addressing issues of unwanted tracking and abuse using digital tracking devices like AirTags.

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