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Kate Middleton’s return to public appearances has been highly anticipated following her nearly three-month absence after undergoing abdominal surgery. Reports have suggested various potential return dates, including a possible appearance with the royal family on Easter or after her children go back to school in April, though no official confirmation has been made yet. Some sources have indicated that Kate may take part in the royal family’s annual walk to church on Easter, while others have suggested she may make a “big bang” return on that day. Kensington Palace previously stated that Kate would likely return to public duties after Easter, based on medical advice.

There has been speculation that Kate may make her comeback after April 17, when her children return to school following their holiday break. Additionally, it is expected that William and Kate will release a picture of their son Louis on his sixth birthday on April 23, as they have done in previous years. This picture may garner more attention following Kate’s recent admission that she edited a family photo released on Mother’s Day. Kate has traditionally taken her children’s birthday pictures herself, with some exceptions like last year when she was visible in Louis’ fifth birthday picture taken by another photographer.

The Ministry of Defence had previously listed Kate as an attendee for the upcoming Trooping the Colour event in June, but later removed her name from the webpage after promoting the event. This would have been her first scheduled appearance since her surgery. Kate’s prolonged absence from public duties has spurred widespread speculation and conspiracy theories about her whereabouts. Her last public appearance was on Christmas at a church service with the royal family. Recent reports have shown blurry or obscured photos of Kate in a car, and a video purportedly showing her shopping with William, though Kensington Palace has not confirmed the authenticity of these sightings.

Despite the public scrutiny and speculation surrounding Kate’s health and whereabouts, Kensington Palace has maintained that she is doing well and making good progress in her recovery. The palace has stated that only significant updates regarding Kate’s health will be provided, and it dismissed a claim by a Spanish journalist that Kate was placed in a coma as “ludicrous” and “total nonsense.” The U.K.’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, is now investigating a potential breach of Kate’s medical records, following reports that a staffer at the London Clinic attempted to access her health information without permission.

As Kate’s fans eagerly await her return to public engagements, the ongoing speculation and uncertainty surrounding her health continue to fuel interest and discussion. While no official confirmation has been made about her upcoming appearances, the anticipation remains high as the Duchess of Cambridge prepares for a potential comeback in the coming weeks. Public interest in Kate’s well-being and whereabouts is expected to remain a topic of discussion until Kensington Palace provides further updates on her health and future engagements.

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