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The US Treasury Department imposed sanctions on two organizations, Mount Hebron Fund and Shlom Asiraich, for fundraising on behalf of violent Israeli extremists in the West Bank. The funds raised were for Yinon Levi and David Chai Chasdai, who were both previously sanctioned by the US under an executive order targeting those perpetrating violence in the West Bank. The State Department also sanctioned Ben-Zion Gopstein, the founder and leader of Lehava, an organization whose members have engaged in violence against Palestinian civilians.

President Joe Biden issued the executive order in February amidst increased violence in the West Bank following a terrorist attack on October 7. The order angered Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who expressed his concern to the administration. The Mount Hebron Fund was established to bypass sanctions and raise funds for Levi, who has been accused of leading groups of settlers in assaults on Palestinians and destruction of their property. The crowdfunding campaign raised over $140,000 from around the world before being shut down.

Shlom Asiraich set up a crowdfunding effort that raised approximately $31,000 for Chasdai, who led a riot resulting in the death of a Palestinian civilian. The organization has also raised funds for other imprisoned violent extremists, including Yigal Amir and Amiram Ben Uliel. Both individuals were involved in high-profile crimes, including the assassination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and the killing of a Palestinian family in an arson attack in 2015.

The US Treasury Department’s actions are a part of broader efforts to combat violence and extremism in the West Bank. These sanctions target organizations and individuals who support or engage in violent activities against Palestinian civilians. The fundraising campaigns by Mount Hebron Fund and Shlom Asiraich were used to bypass existing sanctions and raise significant amounts of money for sanctioned individuals, highlighting the need for continued vigilance in monitoring and addressing extremist actions in the region.

The sanctions highlight the ongoing tensions and conflicts in the West Bank, where violence and extremism continue to pose significant challenges. The actions taken by the US government reflect a commitment to address these issues and hold individuals and organizations accountable for their involvement in violent activities. By targeting those who support and fund extremism, the US aims to disrupt the networks that perpetuate violence and promote stability and security in the region.

While the sanctions may have sparked controversy and criticism from some, they represent a concerted effort to address the root causes of violence in the West Bank and prevent further escalations. By targeting fundraising campaigns and organizations that support violent extremists, the US government aims to disrupt the financial networks that enable violent activities. These actions send a clear message that support for extremism and violence will not be tolerated, and those engaging in such activities will face consequences for their actions.

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