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HashKey Capital recently received an expanded license from Hong Kong’s Securities and Futures Commission, allowing the firm to offer its services to retail investors. Previously, the firm was limited to serving only professional investors. This regulatory approval opens up the potential for HashKey to introduce virtual asset investment products to retail investors, pending necessary approvals from the SFC. The CEO of HashKey Capital, Deng Chao, expressed excitement about the opportunities this development brings for retail investors to access fund products and participate in the growing digital asset market through a trusted and regulated platform.
The upgraded license for HashKey Capital is expected to act as a catalyst for the firm’s market expansion. It has the potential to unlock new markets and opportunities, enabling HashKey to reach a wider investor base and solidify its position as a leader in the digital asset management industry. The firm sees this regulatory approval as a significant step forward and a demonstration of its leadership in the industry. As HashKey looks to introduce virtual asset investment products to retail investors, obtaining product approvals from the SFC will be crucial in moving forward with its offerings.
The Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong is set to approve the first group of Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) on April 15, opening up new opportunities for investors. In anticipation of this approval, the SFC updated its list of authorized fund companies, which included prominent Chinese asset managers Harvest Global Investment and China Asset Management. HashKey Capital’s strategic collaboration with Bosera Funds focuses on offering virtual asset Spot ETFs and financial technology, aiming to develop innovative products and conduct research on emerging technologies. The collaboration also involves initiatives such as talent training, technology exchange, and market expansion.
HashKey recently launched a new global trading platform that offers a selection of over 20 cryptocurrencies for trading, targeting international markets. However, the platform excludes regions with crypto restrictions, including mainland China, Hong Kong, and the US. The firm plans to introduce futures trading capabilities within the first three months following the platform’s launch, expanding its offerings to cater to the needs of international crypto users. With this new platform, HashKey seeks to provide a reliable and secure environment for traders to access a variety of cryptocurrencies and engage in trading activities.
Overall, the developments surrounding HashKey Capital’s expanded license, strategic collaborations, and new global trading platform demonstrate the firm’s commitment to growth and innovation in the digital asset management industry. By obtaining regulatory approvals to cater to retail investors and expanding its market reach, HashKey is poised to capitalize on opportunities in the evolving crypto landscape. The firm’s partnership with Bosera Funds and the upcoming approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs in Hong Kong are further indications of the industry’s growing acceptance and adoption of virtual assets. HashKey’s focus on developing novel products, conducting research, and expanding its market presence positions it as a key player in the digital asset management space.

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