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On March 28, 2024, Air Products & Chemicals will trade ex-dividend for its quarterly dividend of $1.77, payable on May 13, 2024. The dividend represents approximately 0.75% of APD’s recent stock price of $237.56. Therefore, it is expected that shares of Air Products & Chemicals will trade 0.75% lower on the ex-dividend date.

Dividends are not always predictable, but looking at the historical dividend chart for APD can help investors judge whether the most recent dividend is likely to continue. The current estimated yield of 2.98% on an annualized basis is used to assess the annual yield going forward. The chart also shows the one-year performance of APD shares versus its 200-day moving average.

The low point for APD shares in the 52-week range is $212.24, with the high point being $307.71. The last trade was at $238.60, indicating a fluctuation within this range. This information can be useful for investors to understand the stock’s performance and potential movements in the future.

In Tuesday trading, Air Products & Chemicals Inc shares were up approximately 0.4% for the day. This slight increase may be influenced by various factors such as market conditions, company news, or investor sentiment. It is essential for investors to monitor these fluctuations and be aware of ex-dividend dates to make informed decisions.

Investors looking for dividend-paying stocks may consider Air Products & Chemicals, as it offers a quarterly dividend and has a history of regular payouts. By analyzing the dividend history and performance of APD shares, investors can assess the potential returns and risks associated with investing in the company.

Overall, the upcoming ex-dividend date for Air Products & Chemicals on March 28, 2024, highlights the importance of dividend payments for investors. By understanding the dividend yield, historical performance, and market conditions, investors can make informed decisions about their investment strategies.

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