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The article discusses the emergence and current status of Truth Social, a social media platform started by Donald Trump. Users such as 28-year-old Nick Mirtschink and retiree Bree Duke express their enthusiasm for the platform, praising Trump’s frequent posts. Despite this, the platform is facing challenges in gaining a wider audience, with only 860,000 active accounts as of November. However, a recent merger with Digital World Acquisition Corp. is expected to provide a significant financial boost to Trump, although he is restricted from selling his shares for six months.

The merger is seen as a critical milestone for both Truth Social and Trump, offering a path for his return to Wall Street. Trump’s outspoken presence on the platform has become a new megaphone for his opinions, attracting his most devoted followers, political reporters, and staff. However, the platform’s long-term viability remains uncertain, with experts questioning its ability to compete with mainstream social media giants like Facebook and YouTube. The valuation of over $6 billion is considered inflated and dependent on Trump’s popularity.

Despite the platform’s initial hype and promise as an alternative for conservative users, Truth Social has not managed to capture a significant market share. The app’s usage remains low, with only 2% of Americans regularly getting news from the platform. Users have reported technical issues, and visits to the site have decreased significantly over time. While Trump continues to promote Truth Social, many prominent conservative figures have not joined the platform, opting to remain active on other social media sites.

For Trump supporters, Truth Social is seen as evidence of Trump’s business acumen and public relations skills. Trump’s frequent posts on the platform cover a wide range of topics, from legal matters to political disputes, in his signature style. Despite a significantly smaller audience compared to his presence on Twitter, Trump’s ability to communicate directly with his supporters is seen as a positive feature by some users. The platform’s success has largely benefited Trump, with increased media coverage of his posts driving attention to the platform.

While Truth Social may not have achieved mainstream success, it has proven to be an effective platform for Trump to communicate with his supporters and generate media coverage. The platform’s impact extends beyond its user base, reaching a broader audience through media coverage of Trump’s posts. Some supporters express nostalgia for Trump’s Twitter days, when his posts reached a wider audience. Overall, the article highlights the challenges and prospects facing Truth Social as it navigates the competitive social media landscape while serving as a platform for Trump’s continued influence.

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