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Former President Donald Trump has recently endorsed a $60 “God Bless the USA” Bible, as part of a partnership with singer Lee Greenwood. The Bible includes lyrics to Greenwood’s hit song, as well as the text of the Pledge of Allegiance, Declaration of Independence, and U.S. Constitution. Trump promoted this patriotic Bible on social media, urging his followers to “make America pray again.” The Bible is being marketed as a non-political item, despite utilizing Trump’s name, likeness, and image under an endorsement deal with CIC Ventures LLC, a company associated with Trump’s other product launches such as sneakers and NFT cards.

In addition to endorsing the “God Bless the USA” Bible, Trump recently launched a $399 sneaker line at a Philadelphia event. He also has a line of merchandise including mugs with the phrase “never surrender” and t-shirts featuring images of his mug shot. Trump’s NFT digital trading cards, released last year, have generated roughly $9 million in revenue. Despite these product launches and endorsements, Trump is currently facing financial challenges, with over $500 million in civil judgments against him. He has until April 5 to pay a $175 million partial bond in his New York civil fraud case, which is part of a $464 million judgment against him and his co-defendants, including executives from the Trump Organization.

Trump’s financial troubles stem from multiple legal cases, including a defamation case with writer E. Jean Carroll where he owes $88.3 million, as well as the New York civil fraud case where he owes $454.2 million. Trump recently posted a $91.6 million bond in the defamation case as he appeals the verdict. He has claimed difficulty in securing the funds needed for these legal payments, with prosecutors arguing that he could potentially secure multiple bonds from different companies. Trump’s net worth is estimated at around $7.3 billion, with his wealth seeing a significant increase following the successful debut of Trump Media & Technology Group on the Nasdaq. However, experts caution that Trump may not be able to immediately liquidate his assets due to potential overvaluation and market volatility.

Despite his financial challenges, Trump continues to expand his product endorsements and launches. The “God Bless the USA” Bible is the latest addition to his range of merchandise, which also includes sneakers, NFT trading cards, and other patriotic-themed items. Trump’s endorsement of the Bible and other products reflects his ongoing engagement with his base of supporters, as he promotes patriotism and religion as essential values for the country. As Trump navigates his legal battles and financial obligations, his business ventures and endorsements remain a key aspect of his post-presidential career.

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