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The Trump campaign and Republican National Committee have announced a plan to deploy 100,000 volunteers and lawyers to monitor vote counting in battleground states, focusing on “election integrity.” This program, described as the most comprehensive in the nation’s history, reflects the party’s ongoing emphasis on baseless claims of election fraud from the 2020 election. With Trump in control of the RNC as the presumptive presidential nominee and new appointments within the party leadership, the focus on election monitoring has been heightened.

The plan includes recruiting and training poll watchers, poll workers, and attorneys to monitor voting sites and ballot-tabulation centers to prevent what they believe are “Democrat attempts to circumvent rules.” Election integrity hotlines will also be established in each battleground state for reporting issues to the GOP’s legal team. While it is common for parties and candidates to deploy legal teams and poll watchers during elections to protect their interests, the emphasis on election monitoring by the Republican Party has increased in response to the 2020 election and widespread changes to voting rules.

Despite disagreement within the party about the claims of widespread election fraud in 2020, the RNC’s general counsel, Charlie Spies, stated that they are prepared to combat any attempts to deviate from established election procedures or change them last minute. The party aims to beat the Democrats at their own game in 2024, with aggressive legal action if needed to ensure election officials follow the rules. This aggressive stance on election monitoring and legal action is part of the RNC’s ongoing efforts to engage in election-related lawsuits around the country.

The Republican Party’s focus on election integrity and monitoring comes as a response to what they see as deficiencies in their legal strategy during the 2020 election. The party was outgunned by Democrats in terms of legal resources, and as a result, they aim to be better prepared and more proactive in monitoring the upcoming elections. The program emphasizes the importance of having the right people in place to count the ballots as part of the overall strategy to protect the vote and ensure a successful outcome on Election Day.

By establishing election monitoring hotlines in battleground states, the RNC and Trump campaign hope to address any issues that may arise during the voting and tabulation process. This marks a significant shift in the party’s approach to election monitoring, with a focus on preventing perceived irregularities and ensuring that the rules are followed. The heightened emphasis on election monitoring and legal action by the Republican Party reflects their commitment to protecting the integrity of the electoral process and challenging any perceived attempts to undermine it.

Overall, the Republican Party’s election monitoring program represents a significant effort to ensure the integrity of the electoral process and defend against what they see as attempts to circumvent the rules. With a focus on recruiting volunteers, training poll watchers, and deploying legal resources, the party is positioning itself to be better equipped to handle potential challenges during the upcoming elections. The program reflects the ongoing impact of baseless claims of election fraud from the 2020 election on the party’s agenda and priorities, as they aim to beat the Democrats at their own game in future elections.

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