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The Fox News Politics newsletter offers the latest political news from Washington D.C. and updates from the 2024 campaign trail. Critics have mocked President Biden for a story about cannibalism, while GOP rebels threaten chaos over spending related to Ukraine. The Polish president met with Trump amid a criminal trial, with twelve New Yorkers selected to decide Trump’s guilt or innocence in hush money charges. The court is still in the process of selecting alternate jurors, with a process that will resume on Friday.

In Washington D.C., the White House is making headlines with various stories, including Biden’s factually inaccurate war story being mocked by critics. The First Lady, Jill Biden, praised an agreement to make it easier for military spouse federal employees to work overseas. Meanwhile, 25 states have hit Biden with a legal challenge over his gas car crackdown and push for electric vehicles. On Capitol Hill, GOP lawmakers confront Johnson over foreign aid, while Squad Dem promotes Middle East peace while facing violence in her hometown.

On the campaign trail, a majority of voters in key swing states are deeply unhappy with Biden, according to new Fox polls. Left-wing activists are taking efforts to punish the POTUS in other swing states, while Trump cuts into Biden’s lead among key parts of the Democratic Party’s base. Biden has mocked Trump for his legal woes, while across America, Black Chicago voters criticize the mayor for allocating extra money for migrants. Trump lawyers attempted to subpoena Stormy Daniels, and a top aide to NYC mayor faces a second complaint based on sexual harassment allegations.

In a separate report, CNN legal analyst argues that Trump could avoid conviction in his hush money trial, and a gender clinic whistleblower claims that doctors are acting like gods, leading to regrettable surgeries for children. Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel praises Biden for delivering a zinger against Trump, despite the president’s reputation for gaffes. Readers can subscribe to the Fox News Politics newsletter to receive the latest updates from the 2024 campaign trail, exclusive interviews, and more on This newsletter covers a wide range of political topics and provides insights into the current landscape in Washington D.C. and across America.

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