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Good morning and welcome to Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First. In today’s edition, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a warning about a steep rise in a life-threatening invasive bacterial infection. Additionally, a suspect is in custody after multiple children were shot in an early-morning incident at a Finnish primary school. The founder of a left-wing propaganda network has been secretly visiting the White House, while President Joe Biden has proclaimed a transgender holiday on Easter. Caitlin Clark led the Iowa Hawkeyes to the Final Four with a dazzling display of talent.

In the political arena, former President Donald Trump is making headlines with a split-screen presidential bid, balancing court appearances with campaign stops. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is vying to be on the ballot in a crucial presidential election battleground, while new evidence suggests Russia may be behind a serious health condition known as Havana Syndrome. On the media front, a former Trump campaign communications director accuses CNN and MSNBC hosts of helping Biden, while businesses are facing an explosion of compensation prompts, known as ‘tipflation.’

Opinion pieces cover a range of topics, from discussions about Israel’s war of survival to economic policies resulting in $18 Big Macs and $20 minimum wages. Laura Ingraham criticizes the White House for allegedly offending Catholics and Christians, while Jesse Watters accuses the media of being tacky for Trump promoting the word of God. Sean Hannity labels Biden a liar and untrustworthy, while Greg Gutfeld offers a different perspective on social protests in places ruled by Hamas.

In other news, seafaring bandits in the San Francisco Bay are under investigation for theft, Queen Elizabeth reportedly discovered something she loves during her visits to the US, and families of US hostages in Gaza are struggling with ambiguous trauma six months on. Tourists were delighted to spot a dolphin performing backflips near their boat. Videos include discussions on Biden losing Hispanic-American votes and the current state of the country, with a reminder to check out Fox Weather for local forecasts.

The newsletter ends with a scathing quote from Laura Ingraham condemning pro-Hamas protesters for disrupting Easter celebrations at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York. The White House is accused of failing to condemn their actions to avoid offending certain groups. Social media links, newsletter sign-ups, and app downloads for Fox News are provided, along with a reminder to watch Fox News online. Thank you for choosing Fox News as your first source of information for the day.

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