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Former President Donald Trump is facing a major financial challenge as he may have to post a $454 million bond in his civil fraud trial by Monday’s deadline. Financial journalist and bestselling author Bill Cohan believes that bankruptcy may be Trump’s only option if he is unable to secure the necessary funds. Trump’s attorneys have argued that he is facing difficulties in obtaining the massive bond and have requested more time from an appeals court.

Despite Trump’s claim that he has “almost” $500 million in cash, he has been unsuccessful in securing the funds needed for the bond. New York Attorney General Letitia James has stated that if Trump fails to pay the judgment against him, she will pursue going after his Manhattan real estate portfolio. Cohan believes that if Trump’s last-minute appeals fail, he will have no choice but to file for personal bankruptcy, which could delay the proceedings by another year.

Trump’s best chance of reducing the size of the judgment may be to have the State of New York become a general and secured creditor of the Trump Organization or Trump personally. This could result in an orderly sale of his assets and a slower, more timely process for payment of the judgment. Despite Trump’s claims of having significant cash on hand, it appears that he has been unable to secure the funds needed to meet the deadline for the bond in his civil fraud trial.

Cohan believes that Trump’s best course of action, if he is unable to meet the financial obligations, is to file for bankruptcy. This would allow Trump to stay the judgment, delay asset sales, and buy himself more time. While Trump would ultimately lose his assets and have to pay the judgment, the bankruptcy process could provide a more organized and orderly solution for the payment of his debts. With the appeals deadline quickly approaching, Trump’s financial situation remains uncertain, and bankruptcy may be his only option moving forward.

Given the significant financial challenges Trump is facing, including the looming deadline for the $454 million bond, bankruptcy may be the most viable option for the former president. If Trump’s appeals fail and he is unable to secure the necessary funds, filing for bankruptcy could provide him with a way to delay the proceedings and potentially work towards a more orderly resolution of his financial obligations. With the State of New York potentially becoming a secured creditor, Trump’s assets could be sold off in an organized manner to pay off his debts.

The outcome of Trump’s financial situation remains uncertain, but it appears that bankruptcy may be a real possibility if he is unable to meet the financial obligations in his civil fraud trial. With time running out and no clear solution in sight, Trump may have to resort to filing for personal bankruptcy to navigate the financial challenges he is facing. As the deadline approaches, the situation continues to evolve, and it remains to be seen how Trump will address his financial difficulties moving forward.

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