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Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the latest model of the best Apple Watch in the lineup, offering convenience by allowing access to emails, texts, and phone calls right from the wrist. Finding a deal on this smartwatch can be tricky, but there are some discounts available at various outlets and carriers. The device features the latest technology with upgrades such as a new S9 chip for faster speeds, better battery efficiency, and an extra-bright display. Athletes will benefit from advanced metrics for running and cycling, as well as extended altitude range for hikers and scuba divers. The battery life is the longest in the Apple Watch lineup at 36 hours per charge or up to 72 hours in low-power mode.

Various retailers are offering deals on the Apple Watch Ultra 2, including Amazon, Apple, Best Buy, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Target. Amazon has limited stock with modest discounts, while Apple is offering up to $365 off with trade-in. Best Buy is not offering direct discounts but allows for savings of up to $275 through its trade-in program. AT&T is offering $300 off when you buy two Apple Watch models, while Verizon and T-Mobile are providing trade-in discounts of up to $180 and $250 respectively. Target is offering three months of Apple Fitness Plus for free to Target Circle members with the purchase of an Apple Watch Ultra 2.

For those interested in the first-gen Apple Watch Ultra, which has been discontinued by Apple, deals and discounts are scarce as most retailers have stopped stocking new models. Best Buy offers a trade-in program that allows for savings of up to $275 on the Apple Watch Ultra, while Target has a small discount of $50 on a specific variant. Walmart has a couple of variants of the Ultra 2 at $10 less than the regular price, bringing the price down to $789. The Apple Watch Ultra 2 and the original Ultra are ruggedized versions of Apple’s popular smartwatch with added features for power users and athletes. The devices are not too far apart in specs, so individuals might consider purchasing the original device before supplies run out.

Apple is currently engaged in a legal battle with the US International Trade Commission over a patent dispute with Masimo, impacting the blood oxygen sensor tech in the Apple Watch. As a result, Apple Watches are no longer shipped with the blood oxygen sensor enabled unless specifically mentioned at the point of sale. Individuals interested in purchasing the Apple Watch Ultra 2 should be aware of this limitation. Overall, the Apple Watch Ultra 2 offers advanced features and technology, making it a sought-after smartwatch for those looking for convenience and performance in their daily activities. Look out for deals and discounts from various retailers to save on this latest model.

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