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Three young girls, ages 12 and 13, were arrested in Washington DC for the brutal 2023 murder of a disabled man named Reggie Brown. The girls were caught on camera chasing Brown through an alley and stomping on him until he died. They were seen laughing as they beat him, with one of the girls even commenting on his injuries. Brown, who was disabled and had mental health issues, was found dead on the street with injuries consistent with blunt force trauma. The girls did not know Brown prior to the attack, and police are still investigating the involvement of a man in his early 20s who allegedly initiated the attack.

During the attack, one of the girls filmed the beating on her cellphone while another used Brown’s belt against him. The girls claimed they were forced to participate by the man who originally confronted Brown. Two of the girls allegedly did not want to beat Brown but felt threatened by the man, who reportedly had a gun in his waistband. The girls were on the run until one of them was taken into custody on Thursday. That same night, the 12-year-old girl was shot in her apartment, suffering a non-life-threatening injury. Police have not disclosed the circumstances of the shooting, but neighbors reported seeing two young people escape through a broken window.

The niece of the victim spoke out, stating that her uncle did not deserve to be attacked in such a brutal manner. Brown was a known figure in the community, having lived in the area for 64 years. She emphasized the need for accountability for the girls responsible for his death. The three girls, who have not had prior arrests but have struggled with truancy, are facing second-degree murder charges and are being tried as juveniles. Despite their ages, their actions during the attack were described as horrific and deranged by investigators.

The graphic video of the attack showed the girls chasing Brown down an alley and violently assaulting him. Detective testimonials revealed that the girls had no prior connection to Brown and did not know him before the attack. Brown was severely injured during the assault, with the autopsy revealing blunt force trauma as the cause of death. The girls were seen laughing as they beat Brown and caused him to bleed from his head. The 13-year-old girls were arrested following the attack, while the 12-year-old was also apprehended after sustaining a gunshot wound in her apartment.

The investigation into Reggie Brown’s murder is ongoing, with detectives looking into the involvement of the man who initiated the attack and threatened the girls. The girls claimed they were forced to participate in the beating, and one of them filmed the assault while it took place. The community is reeling from the senseless and brutal murder of Brown, who was known and respected in the area. The three girls involved are facing serious charges and will be tried in court for their actions. The shocking nature of the attack has sent shockwaves through the community and highlighted the need for accountability and justice for the victim.

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