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Former Victoria’s Secret Head Les Wexner Quietly Orchestrates Massive Semiconductor Project in Rural Ohio
In a surprising turn of events, former L Brands CEO Les Wexner, known for his association with Jeffrey Epstein, has reemerged as a major player in the tech industry. After stepping down from his retail giant, Wexner quietly engineered one of the biggest semiconductor projects in history in Johnstown, Ohio. The New Albany Company, owned by Wexner, secured land for Intel to build two semiconductor factories, a $20 billion investment that will bring thousands of jobs to the area. This deal has unlocked new opportunities for Central Ohio, with tech giants like Amazon, Meta and Google pledging billions to expand their data center campuses in the region.

Wexner’s influence in the New Albany area and Ohio as a whole is undeniable. He has invested billions in developing New Albany into one of Ohio’s wealthiest neighborhoods and continues to expand his landholdings in the region, valued at nearly $700 million. Despite facing scrutiny over his relationship with Epstein and stepping down from L Brands, Wexner remains active in real estate and development, with plans for further expansion in Ohio. His recent involvement in the Intel project highlights his continued impact on the state’s economy and development.

The historic Intel project in Johnstown has brought both excitement and concerns to local residents and officials. While the project promises economic growth and job opportunities, it has also raised issues related to land acquisition, water usage, and community development. Residents near the construction site have expressed frustrations over the changes in their neighborhood, while neighboring towns like Granville have raised concerns over potential water depletion from the Intel site. The New Albany Company’s plans for the region have sparked debate and calls for increased transparency and community involvement.

As construction progresses in Johnstown, local officials are working to address the challenges and opportunities presented by the Intel project. Mayor Donald “Donny” Barnard of Johnstown is planning for the city’s growth and preparing for new residents and developments. The New Albany Company’s subsidiary, the Johnstown Land Company, is proposing a large-scale development near the Intel site, which includes housing units and commercial space for Intel’s suppliers. The project has received preliminary approval from the city council, with construction expected to begin in the coming years.

Despite the controversies and challenges surrounding the Intel project, Wexner’s vision for Ohio’s economic future remains ambitious. With his vast resources and strategic approach to development, Wexner continues to shape the landscape of Central Ohio and cement his legacy as a key player in the region’s growth. As Ohio prepares for a new era of technology and innovation, Wexner’s role in the semiconductor project underscores his ongoing commitment to driving economic development and creating opportunities for the state and its residents. The future of Ohio’s Silicon Heartland rests in the hands of visionaries like Wexner, whose influence will continue to shape the region for generations to come.

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