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The London Spirits Competition recently announced its top winners in various categories based on quality, value, and appearance. The competition aims to highlight brands that are highly sought after by consumers and have a clear market value for trade buyers. The top prize in the tequila category went to the Reserve Collection Añejo from Cierto, priced at $250 per bottle, showcasing the judges’ appreciation for its exceptional quality.

Typically, añejo tequila must age in barrels for 1-3 years before being bottled, with most examples using ex-bourbon cooperage. Cierto, however, uses French Limousin oak for 18 months, resulting in a more complex flavor profile with notes of toffee, toasted wood spice, and hazelnut. This unique approach has earned Cierto numerous awards in various competitions, with judges praising its warming aromatics and balanced palate.

Cierto claims to be the most award-winning tequila on earth, sourced from NOM 1146 in the Lowlands of Jalisco, known for producing tequilas with herbal and peppery notes. The combination of this distinctive spirit and the use of French oak barrels results in an elegant and balanced tequila that stands out among its competitors. The seamless integration of the distillate and barrel maturation creates a unique and complex flavor profile that sets Cierto apart from other tequilas in the market.

The judges at the London Spirits Competition were highly impressed with Cierto’s Reserve Collection Añejo, considering it a value even at its $250 price point. The overall elegance and complexity of the tequila, along with its seamless integration of flavors, make it a standout choice for tequila enthusiasts. Cierto’s success at the competition highlights the brand’s commitment to producing high-quality spirits that resonate with consumers and industry professionals alike.

The competition evaluated spirits across 29 different categories, showcasing a diverse range of top-quality options for consumers to explore. With a focus on highlighting brands that offer both quality and value, the London Spirits Competition aims to guide consumers towards the best choices in the market. Cierto’s success in the tequila category serves as a testament to the brand’s dedication to excellence in craftsmanship and flavor profile.

Overall, the London Spirits Competition’s recognition of Cierto’s Reserve Collection Añejo as the best tequila in its category underscores the brand’s exceptional quality and value. With a unique approach to barrel aging and a commitment to producing award-winning spirits, Cierto has solidified its reputation as a top player in the tequila market. Consumers can trust the recommendations of the London Spirits Competition to help them discover new and exciting options for their spirits collection.

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