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The total solar eclipse on April 8 is expected to be fully visible in upstate areas of New York, but forecasts showing clearer skies in New York City might make staying there a good option for the event. Extended forecasts predict clouds in upstate regions, particularly near the Great Lakes, which could dampen the experience for viewers in those areas. However, the city is expected to have partly cloudy to clear skies during the eclipse, making it a more favorable option for viewing the spectacle.

The phases of the eclipse will begin to be visible from New York City at 2:10 p.m. on Monday, with 91% totality occurring at 3:25 p.m. The event will dim the city, but stars will not be visible, and it will not turn dark. While the forecast may change leading up to the eclipse, viewing events are planned on observation decks across Manhattan for New Yorkers who want to witness the eclipse without the obstruction of clouds. Despite the excitement, there were no plans for early dismissals or days off for students in New York City schools, unlike the counterparts in upstate New York.

Fox Weather meteorologist Dax Clark explained that the city’s forecast for the eclipse looks promising, with the possibility of a few clouds but overall decent weather for viewing. He noted that the totality of the eclipse, which offers the most dramatic viewing experience, will not be visible from New York City, with the next total solar eclipse not being visible in the city until 2079. Regardless, the eclipse is still expected to be a unique and fascinating event for those who are able to view it, especially in the clear skies of the city.

Clark reminded viewers to use protective glasses to view the eclipse safely, as even with a 90% partial view, looking directly at the sun can still cause damage to the eyes. He expressed disappointment that the city was not in line for totality, which would have made for a more awe-inspiring experience. Despite this, the eclipse is still a rare and exciting event that many are looking forward to, and the clearer skies in New York City make it an attractive option for those who want to experience the eclipse without the worry of clouds obstructing the view.

While the eclipse is expected to be more visible in upstate New York due to the lower chance of cloudy skies, the possibility of clearer weather in New York City offers an alternative option for viewing the event. With viewing events planned and the general business of the city continuing as usual, New Yorkers have the opportunity to witness a unique celestial occurrence in a bustling metropolitan setting. Despite not being in the path of totality, the partial eclipse is still expected to be an impressive sight, with the added bonus of viewing it in the iconic skyline of New York City.

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