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The Milwaukee Bucks have struggled to find consistency on the offensive end under the leadership of head coach Doc Rivers. Since Rivers took over on January 29th, the team has had a difficult schedule and has only gone 14-13. Before Rivers took over, the Bucks had the second-best offensive rating in the NBA but have since dropped to 19th. Their net rating has also fallen significantly since the coaching change.

Rivers wants the offense to run through Damian Lillard, hoping to utilize his skills to create shots for himself and his teammates. However, Lillard has been in the midst of one of the worst scoring seasons of his career, with low percentages in both three-point and two-point shots. Despite being the second option on the team, Lillard still has a high usage percentage and has struggled to adjust to his new role.

While Lillard plays a significant role in the Bucks’ offensive struggles, other players like Khris Middleton have also faced challenges. Middleton has missed games and has not performed well since returning. Outside of the team’s big three, there is a lack of consistent shot creators, with Bobby Portis being the closest but still unreliable in terms of scoring.

The Bucks’ stars are still working on playing together and avoiding hero ball, where individual players try to score instead of playing as a team. Their lack of ball movement has been evident in games where they only make one pass or fewer before taking a shot. With limited time left in the regular season, the team has few opportunities to figure things out before the playoffs. With nine games remaining and Middleton likely to sit out some games in back-to-back sets, the Bucks may have to rely on winging it in the postseason.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the Bucks may have to wait until the offseason to regroup and address their offensive issues. This could mean wasting a year of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s prime if they are unable to find solutions quickly. Without significant improvements in their offensive consistency, the Bucks may continue to struggle on that end of the court. Time is running out for Milwaukee, and unless they can make adjustments soon, their offensive woes are likely to persist.

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