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Sebastiaan Verhaar, the CEO of Sana Commerce, a B2B ready-to-use commerce platform, highlights the importance of AI in transforming B2B commerce. He stresses the need to identify the right use cases for AI in order to realize the benefits and avoid disappointment. At Sana Commerce, AI is classified into three groups for B2B e-commerce: generative AI, analytics AI, and AI assistants.

Generative AI is used to generate content for B2B product sellers with complex products and extensive product information. This application helps save time and increase productivity. Smart search and product recommendations are also important generative AI applications that help B2B buyers find the products they need among thousands of options.

Analytics AI involves reading and analyzing web store data to unlock the potential of analytics for improving efficiency and driving business growth. Personalization is a key example of analytics AI in B2B e-commerce, as buyers expect a tailored experience with specific pricing, product lists, inventory information, and recommendations for replacement parts.

AI assistants, or co-pilots, combine generative and analytics AI to deliver smart content in real-time based on current behaviors, profiles, and system data. These assistants can enhance the customer experience on web shops, reducing order errors, improving sales numbers, and increasing customer satisfaction. Buyers can complete complex procurement tasks more quickly and easily with the help of AI assistants.

To get started with AI in B2B e-commerce, it is recommended to start small with specific use cases and goals for clear outcomes. Focusing on customers first can help identify critical use cases that need to be addressed to ensure customer satisfaction. By analyzing online and offline data, businesses can understand customer needs and use AI tools to make processes faster, more personalized, and more real-time.

According to a B2B Buyer Report, 91% of B2B buyers have reasons preventing them from placing orders online, such as lack of accurate information on delivery times, pricing, stock levels, and product information. By utilizing AI and integrated data to address these issues, B2B sellers can improve customer satisfaction and drive growth. The Forbes Business Council is a leading organization for business owners and leaders, offering growth opportunities and networking for qualified members.

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