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The convenience of owning a pool comes with the responsibility of maintaining it, a task that can be both time-consuming and expensive. The average cost of pool maintenance can be up to $6,000 per year, making it essential to find smarter and more efficient ways to keep your pool clean. Smart home appliances, such as pool-cleaning robots, offer a convenient solution to this problem. The new Beatbot AquaSense Pro is a cutting-edge pool-cleaning robot that leverages smart home technology to make pool maintenance a breeze. For a limited time, Beatbot is offering discounts on both the AquaSense Pro and the AquaSense models on their official website and Amazon store.

Pool cleaning is a necessary but labor-intensive chore that involves cleaning walls, floors, adding chemicals, and dealing with various types of dirt and debris. Pool-cleaning robots automate this process, making it easier for homeowners to maintain their pools without the hassle of manual cleaning. The AquaSense Pro by Beatbot is designed as a 5-in-1 cleaning solution that covers all aspects of pool maintenance, from the floor and walls to the waterline on the surface. With powerful brushes, track wheels, and an industry-first ClearWater Clarifier Dispenser, the AquaSense Pro offers a comprehensive pool-cleaning experience.

The Beatbot AquaSense Pro sets itself apart with its intelligent features, including Intelligent Path Optimization, which ensures precise pool mapping and obstacle avoidance. The robot’s powerful quad-core processor and advanced sensor system enable it to adapt to various pool sizes, shapes, and materials, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning every time. The AquaSense Pro also features intelligent return and surface parking, eliminating the need for manual intervention at the end of the cleaning cycle. With a brushless main-pump motor, dual filters, and a long-lasting battery, the AquaSense Pro offers high-performance cleaning capabilities.

In addition to its advanced hardware features, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is controlled via a smartphone app powered by the Beatbot Operating System. Users can easily operate the robot, select different cleaning modes, and track its progress from anywhere. The app also allows users to view cleaning statistics after each cycle, providing insights into the robot’s performance. With a user-friendly interface and customizable cleaning modes, the AquaSense Pro offers a seamless and convenient pool-cleaning experience.

For consumers looking for a truly smart pool-cleaning solution, the Beatbot AquaSense Pro is an excellent choice. With a regular price of $2,199, the AquaSense Pro is currently available for $1,999 as part of Beatbot’s Spring Sale. The Beatbot AquaSense, a mid-range model, is also discounted to $1,099 from $1,299. Both models are available for purchase on the Beatbot official website and Amazon store, offering customers an affordable and efficient way to maintain their swimming pools. Consider investing in a pool-cleaning robot like the AquaSense Pro to enjoy a stress-free and relaxing pool experience all summer long.

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