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Stephen Fogarty argues that religion is an outdated superstition that has no place in publicly funded schools, especially when children are indoctrinated with these beliefs at a young age. He suggests that all schools should teach ethics classes that cover all religions, and scripture should only be taught at denominational Sunday schools to children over the age of 14. Fogarty’s comparison of religion to Game of Thrones has sparked some discussion, with some readers agreeing and others questioning his stance.

There seems to be a consensus among readers that the Coalition’s main goal is to block the government at all costs, even if it means supporting the Greens in certain decisions. The recent migration bill has raised concerns about Australia’s reputation as a welcoming nation, with many criticizing the government for its lack of fairness in dealing with marginalized groups. There is a sense of disappointment in the way politicians are handling the current political climate.

A lighter note is struck by the Dull Women’s Club, where members celebrate the joys of mundane activities and find freedom in leading a simple life. The idea of finding contentment in everyday tasks is refreshing in a world that often promotes chasing external validation. The story of Bella winning the housing lottery is also a heartwarming moment, offering hope for a more equitable distribution of resources in society.

Concerns about the political landscape resurface with debates about the possibility of a four-year federal election term. While some argue that it would give politicians more time to enact meaningful change, others worry about the unchecked power it could give to those in office. The collapse of the Baltimore Francis Scott Key Bridge serves as a reminder of the importance of infrastructure safety and the economic impact of such disasters.

Readers express mixed views on the current government, with some criticizing the lack of credit given to the opposition and others defending the government’s actions. The upcoming Easter holiday raises questions about the relevance of shutting down the economy for a historical religious event, highlighting the changing attitudes towards traditional beliefs. Overall, the letters showcase a variety of opinions on politics, religion, and everyday life, reflecting the diverse perspectives of the Sydney Morning Herald readers.

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