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Fox News’ morning newsletter, Fox News First, covers a variety of current events and political issues. The newsletter highlights a deadly earthquake on a tiny island nation, with over 700 injured and dozens trapped. Diddy’s potential agreement to silence accusers faces legal challenges, while President Trump vows to create a new holiday in response to a proclamation from President Biden. The Louisiana governor calls for change after the LSU women’s basketball team skips the national anthem, and police respond to “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling challenging a law. In politics, a battleground state Democrat is criticized for not acknowledging a victim’s name while focusing on George Floyd.

Truckers express frustration with President Biden’s push for electric big-rig vehicles, labeling it “environmental extremism.” The abortion battleground shifts to red state Democrats, who hope to secure the election for Biden. A divide among Republicans emerges over Speaker Johnson’s alternate Ukraine aid plan, leading to further political tension. Media coverage includes ESPN’s Sage Steele claiming her interview with Biden was scripted, fact-checking of RFK Jr.’s opinions about Biden, a Jewish NYU student’s removal from a leadership position, and a Georgia official addressing the focus of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on the state’s election law.

Opinions featured in the newsletter include Joe Biden’s policies harming the average American, DEI mandates potentially creating national security threats, concerns about Newsom’s minimum wage hike, and the impact of the border crisis on swing state suburbs. Also highlighted are a humorous letter from a Georgia official to Larry David, concerns of keeping kids grounded in today’s environment, and a ranking of the best teams in the NCAA Women’s Basketball Final Four. In other news, prisoners sue to see a solar eclipse during lockdown, an American culture quiz tests springtime knowledge, and a Texas bank receives an unexpected visitor in a dramatic fashion.

The newsletter also includes videos featuring Mike Tyson expressing nervousness before a fight and Tomi Lahren discussing Trump’s reclaiming of the narrative. The Fox Weather section provides updates on local weather conditions. The newsletter ends with a quote from Sean Hannity about illegal immigration and suffering at the border. Social media and newsletter subscription options are provided for readers to stay updated on Fox News content. Overall, the newsletter covers a wide range of news topics, opinions, and cultural events, offering readers a comprehensive view of current events.

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