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Eric Maas, a managing partner at Fuelist Digital, emphasizes the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) in the marketing strategy for businesses. He highlights that SEO-optimized owned content can make companies discoverable in search results and help them showcase their authority. Maas also points out that the technical side of SEO, such as site architecture and website security, is crucial for delivering smooth, secure user experiences and building trustworthy reputations.

However, many business owners struggle to navigate the SEO industry due to the mystical language used by professionals. This makes it challenging for business owners to screen for the right SEO vendors in a crowded market. Maas provides insights on three key qualities that business owners should look for when searching for an SEO partner. These include candor, holistic expertise, and realistic promises.

When it comes to candor, Maas advises against working with an SEO firm that exclusively works with professionals in the same niche and area as your business. He explains that this could lead to competition for the top ranking in search results, potentially impacting the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Maas recommends asking potential SEO vendors if they are working with anyone in a specific industry focus in your area to ensure exclusivity or transparency.

In terms of holistic expertise, Maas suggests working with an SEO firm that offers a range of services such as developers, designers, technical SEO strategists, content strategists, and writers. By having a team that can cover all aspects of SEO, businesses can create a strong end-to-end strategy. Additionally, Maas emphasizes the importance of realistic promises and cautions against firms that promise speedy results, as SEO efforts take time to generate ROI.

Maas also advises that business owners actively participate in the SEO process and be open to embracing discomfort. He highlights the importance of understanding the metrics and ROI of SEO efforts and the need to consider other marketing strategies such as paid social and email marketing. By focusing on providing users with quality information, Maas believes that businesses can maximize the effectiveness of SEO as a marketing tool.

In conclusion, Eric Maas provides valuable insights for business owners seeking an SEO partner, emphasizing the need for transparency, expertise, and realistic expectations. By following these guidelines, businesses can navigate the complex world of SEO and leverage it effectively as a marketing strategy. Maas’s expertise in the field showcases the importance of strategic SEO practices in driving business success.

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