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House GOP Conference Chair Elise Stefanik delivered a speech at the Israeli Knesset, calling for a return to former President Trump’s policies. She emphasized the need for a total victory against Hamas, stating that it starts with wiping out those responsible for the October 7 terrorist attacks. Stefanik criticized the Biden administration for pausing the shipment of some bombs to Israel, arguing that there is no excuse for not supporting Israel with military aid.

Stefanik is known for being vocal about combating antisemitism on college campuses and has been a leading figure in the House on this issue. She criticized pro-Palestinian protesters on college campuses who called for a ceasefire in the conflict, accusing them of “cosplaying Hamas.” Stefanik also urged for ideological self-defense in addition to physical self-defense, highlighting the spread of antisemitism in Western institutions.

In her speech, Stefanik took aim at President Biden, stating that there is no excuse for blocking aid to Israel. She pointed out the importance of American support for Israel’s security and criticized Biden for his decision to halt some shipments of American weapons to Israel. The pause was due to concerns about civilian casualties in densely populated areas of Rafah, but the administration also began the early stages of a new arms deal for Israel.

The White House defended President Biden’s support for Israel, emphasizing his commitment to the country’s security. Biden was praised for his actions during the aftermath of the October 7 terrorist attacks and his efforts to defend Israel from foreign attacks. The administration clarified that Biden did not make offensive statements like Trump, who had praised Hezbollah in the past and criticized Israel’s preparedness for the attacks.

Stefanik highlighted the importance of House Republicans supporting Israel and filling the void of moral leadership. She mentioned a House-passed bill that would prevent Biden from interfering with weapons transfers to Israel approved by Congress. Stefanik defended Israel’s conduct during operations and their respect for human rights, attributing civilian deaths in Gaza to Hamas’ use of civilian shields. However, human rights groups have accused Israel of war crimes and abuses during the conflict in Gaza.

The Biden administration acknowledged that US weapons may have been used in ways inconsistent with international humanitarian law in Gaza but stopped short of officially confirming violations by Israel. Stefanik’s speech at the Israeli Knesset underscored the strong support of House Republicans for Israel and their criticism of the Biden administration’s approach to military aid. The ongoing conflict in the region and the complex dynamics continue to be a point of contention between political parties in the US.

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