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Travis Rush, co-founder and CEO of Reperio Health, grew up in a small seaside town with limited healthcare resources, leading him to create a startup that provides in-home health screenings. Reperio recently raised $14 million in funding to expand its services, offering kits with tests for blood pressure, heart rate, body mass index, cholesterol, triglycerides, lipids, and glucose levels. An app guides users through the tests, with results uploaded via Bluetooth connection and the kit returned by mail for reuse.

Initially targeting consumers, Reperio shifted its focus to companies seeking wellness support for employees, as well as hospital networks, life insurance providers, and systems supporting Medicaid clients. Thousands of kits have been shipped nationwide, with over 90% of recipients completing the screenings. The cost for a single screening is $129 for consumers, with discounts available for contracts with employers and healthcare providers. Through a partnership with Uber, Reperio aims to deliver kits within an hour of ordering, with distribution hubs in metro areas and kits available by mail for remote customers.

Reperio is developing a service that includes a consultation with a nurse practitioner immediately after completing the test, utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze results and recommend treatment plans. The company has raised $20 million in funding and is seeking an additional $10 million to expand its services and partner with manufacturers of biometric devices for more tests. With 24 employees, Rush founded Reperio in 2020 with co-founder and CTO Matt Wallington, who previously worked together at Sightbox, a company acquired by Johnson & Johnson in 2017.

Investors in Reperio’s funding rounds include Nashville’s Caduceus Capital Partners, Oregon’s Rogue Venture Partners and Portland Seed Fund, and San Francisco’s Liquid 2 Ventures, along with angel investors. Competitors in the at-home health testing space include Seattle’s Tasso, which offers blood tests for patients in clinical trials, as well as Everlywell, Vida Health, and others. Reperio is focused on providing accessible, convenient, and affordable health screenings for people of all ages, with plans to continue expanding and improving its services.

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