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Jesse Sasomsup is the founder and president of Earnest Homes, a Los Angeles-based residential property driven by technology. The company currently has 12 employees, with Jesse hiring his first employee right after starting the company to handle management tasks, allowing him to focus on sales and grow the business quickly. Hiring employees can provide extra motivation to succeed as the livelihood of others is now in your hands. Jesse shares his advice on how property management firm owners can effectively bring on their initial employees.

The first step in bringing on new employees is to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. By understanding where you excel and where you need assistance, you can hire someone who can complement your skills. For example, if you are good at sales, consider hiring someone who excels at management tasks, and vice versa. By having someone on your team who can handle areas where you may not be as strong, you can reduce stress and focus on tasks that will scale your business.

When hiring new candidates, it is important to screen them efficiently, especially when employers have the upper hand in the job market. Jesse posts job ads on multiple job board sites to attract a large pool of candidates. For people-facing roles, candidates are asked to submit a video answering specific questions to provide insight into their personalities and goals. By narrowing down candidates based on their responses, Jesse is able to streamline the hiring process and identify the best candidates for the job through interviews.

Onboarding and training new hires is crucial to set them up for success in their roles. Jesse has divided training at his company into five parts, each taking a day to complete. The training includes self-paced online elements and in-person sessions tailored to the specific role of the employee. Regular check-ins ensure that new hires are completing their training and understanding expectations. Providing work policies and employee handbooks further establishes clear guidelines for employees to follow.

It is essential to keep employees accountable even after the onboarding and training phase. Regular meetings with new hires to discuss ongoing projects and roadblocks can help ensure they are on track. Establishing a culture of communication within the organization is also important, with weekly team meetings and strong communication standards. By hiring the best people for the job, effectively onboarding and training them, regularly engaging with them, and fostering a culture of communication, property management firms can increase their chances of long-term success.

Forbes Business Council is a prestigious organization for business owners and leaders, focused on growth and networking opportunities. Jesse Sasomsup’s experiences and advice on hiring and managing employees in the property management industry provide valuable insights for other business owners looking to grow their companies and succeed in the competitive market.

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