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Mike Johnson, a representative from Louisiana, recently met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott to discuss the ongoing border crisis and the House GOP’s response to it. Johnson expressed concern about the Biden administration’s handling of border security, stating that opening the border to criminals and cartels endangers American citizens. He also voiced support for Abbott’s efforts to secure the Texas-Mexico border and discussed ways to hold the Biden administration accountable. The meeting came after Johnson revealed that the House would send impeachment articles against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas to the Senate on April 10.

During the meeting, Abbott urged Johnson to pass border security legislation to help stop illegal crossings at the southern border. The governor also asked for Johnson’s support in fighting against President Biden’s attacks on Texas’ border mission and his failure to secure the border. Abbott has been at odds with the Biden administration over their differing views on handling the migrant crisis. While Abbott has taken actions like setting up razor wire at the border and transporting migrants to Democrat-run cities, the White House has criticized him for not doing enough to stop the crisis at the federal level.

House Republicans have also been pressuring President Biden and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to address the border crisis. Johnson recently informed Schumer that the House would send impeachment articles against Mayorkas to the Senate on April 10, urging him to schedule a trial expeditiously. Republicans have been critical of the lack of action on border security legislation, which Democrats have dismissed as a nonstarter. Despite these challenges, efforts to address the ongoing border crisis continue as states like Texas take proactive measures to secure their borders.

Abbott and Johnson discussed ways to work together to address the border crisis and hold the Biden administration accountable for its handling of the situation. Abbott urged Johnson to support Texas’ ongoing fight against President Biden’s attacks on the state’s border mission. They also discussed the House’s readiness to transmit impeachment articles to the Senate and the need for a trial to be scheduled quickly. The ongoing standoff between Texas and the Biden administration highlights the complex nature of the border crisis and the need for bipartisan cooperation to address it effectively.

The meeting between Johnson and Abbott underscores the commitment of states like Texas to securing their borders and protecting their citizens. Efforts to address the migrant crisis and hold the Biden administration accountable continue, with House Republicans pushing for strict border security measures and the impeachment of Secretary Mayorkas. As the situation at the border remains a top priority for both state and federal officials, discussions and actions to address the crisis will likely continue in the coming months. By working together and advocating for effective border security measures, lawmakers hope to find solutions to the ongoing challenges at the southern border.

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