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Mei Huang Wolfe, the wife of a Texas judge, was arrested for allegedly shooting and killing their nephew, James Wolfe II, during a fight in their home. The incident occurred after Mei Wolfe called 911 to report the shooting. The fight may have been a result of ongoing tension between the relatives, with Mei Wolfe no longer wanting her nephew-in-law to live in their home. Harris County Sheriff’s Office stated that Mei Wolfe retrieved a pistol and fired a shot during the altercation, resulting in the death of James Wolfe II.

Following the shooting, James Wolfe II was pronounced dead at the scene. Mei Huang Wolfe, 48, was charged with murder and was remanded to jail on a $100,000 bond. The incident occurred despite the judge, Bob Wolfe, attempting to disarm his wife before the shooting took place. Bob Wolfe had been elected as a justice of the peace in Texas in 2023 after previously winning an election in the county. He has two sons from a previous marriage and a daughter with Mei Huang Wolfe, whom he married after his first wife passed away. Additionally, Bob Wolfe is a grandfather to two granddaughters and attends a local Baptist church with his wife.

The tragic incident involving Mei Huang Wolfe and the shooting of her nephew-in-law, James Wolfe II, has caused shock and sadness in the local community. The circumstances surrounding the shooting, including the ongoing feud between the relatives, have raised questions about the events that led up to the altercation in the couple’s home. Despite attempts by Bob Wolfe to prevent the shooting, Mei Huang Wolfe was charged with murder and taken into custody. Further details and information about the case are expected to be revealed during Monday’s court hearing.

The arrest of Mei Huang Wolfe and the details of the shooting have brought attention to the issue of gun violence and domestic disputes in the local area. The tragedy has highlighted the devastating consequences of conflicts within families and the potential dangers that can arise when firearms are involved in altercations. The community is left grappling with the loss of James Wolfe II and the impact of the incident on the Wolfe family, as they navigate the legal proceedings and aftermath of the shooting.

Law enforcement officials and investigators are continuing to gather information and evidence related to the shooting to better understand the events that transpired between Mei Huang Wolfe and James Wolfe II. The sheriff’s office is conducting a thorough investigation into the incident to determine the full extent of the circumstances leading to the fatal shooting. The community is awaiting further updates and developments in the case as they seek justice for the victim and answers regarding the tragic event that unfolded in the Wolfe’s home. The legal process and court proceedings will play a crucial role in providing accountability and closure for all those affected by the shooting.

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