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Two friends, Paige Goldstein and Chantel Wright, who are currently traveling the world while working remotely, made a man’s day by taking him on a helicopter ride as a thank you for his hard work. The man, named Kasa, works as their apartment’s security guard in Cape Town, South Africa. During a conversation with the girls, Kasa mentioned that he had never been on a helicopter or a plane. This inspired Goldstein and Wright to surprise him with a helicopter ride over his hometown on his day off. Kasa was reportedly shocked and very happy with the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Goldstein, originally from Boston, Massachusetts, shared that they wanted to do something nice for Kasa after getting to know him. Kasa expressed his desire to tell his future grandkids about the helicopter ride. The friends, along with Kasa, enjoyed the scenic views of Cape Town during the helicopter ride, with Kasa even pointing out the apartment building where he works. Goldstein mentioned how special it was to help Kasa see Cape Town from a different perspective. They felt rewarded by giving back to Kasa for all the work he does for travelers, emphasizing the importance of building relationships with locals while traveling.

After the helicopter ride, the trio went for celebratory drinks, and Kasa expressed that he would remember the day for the rest of his life. Goldstein and Wright are part of a podcast called Fill Your Sol, which focuses on their experiences as world-traveling women working remotely. They met in Hawaii and started the podcast in September 2022. Goldstein mentioned that connecting with locals and building relationships while traveling is very rewarding. The friends aim to inspire others to travel and connect with people from different cultures.

The act of kindness shown by Goldstein and Wright towards Kasa highlights the impact of connecting with individuals and creating memorable experiences while traveling. The gesture of taking Kasa on a helicopter ride not only made his day but also gave him an unforgettable experience that he can cherish for a lifetime. This story showcases the power of building relationships with locals and giving back to those who contribute to the travel experience. It serves as a reminder of the importance of kindness and creating meaningful connections wherever one goes.

Goldstein and Wright’s podcast, Fill Your Sol, offers insights and experiences from their journeys as world-traveling women working remotely. Through their podcast, they aim to share their adventures, inspire others to travel, and encourage meaningful connections with people from different parts of the world. The story of their gesture towards Kasa exemplifies their belief in the value of building relationships with locals and giving back to those who make a difference in their travel experiences. It serves as a reminder of the positive impact that kindness and generosity can have on individuals, creating lasting memories and meaningful connections.

Overall, the story of Goldstein and Wright’s helicopter ride with Kasa reflects the importance of empathy, connection, and creating joyous experiences for others. Their act of kindness not only brought happiness to Kasa but also strengthened their bond with him and highlighted the beauty of building relationships with locals while traveling. Through their podcast and actions, Goldstein and Wright inspire others to seek adventure, connect with people from different backgrounds, and make a positive impact wherever they go. Their story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of small gestures and meaningful connections in creating a more compassionate and interconnected world.

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