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After getting his start in technology as a computer lab associate at his elementary school in Seattle, Andrew Peterson went on to have a successful career that included roles at Google, the Clinton Foundation in Africa, and Etsy. He then co-founded Signal Sciences, a cybersecurity company that was acquired by Fastly in 2020. After their exit, Peterson and his business partner Nick Galbreath began angel investing and eventually founded Aviso Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on early-stage enterprise and infrastructure software startups. With a fund of $7 million, Aviso has invested in nearly 30 startups, including Protect AI and Privacy Dynamics in the Seattle region.

Having boots on the ground in Seattle provides Aviso with access to a dense population of engineering talent, particularly in the areas of B2B enterprise companies and infrastructure software. Peterson sees the Seattle region as a hub of energy and talent that aligns with his interests in these sectors. His experience as an operator in enterprise security software has informed Aviso’s investment decisions and helps founders in their portfolio navigate the evolving software industry. Aviso, which means “advice” in Spanish, aims to provide its portfolio companies with a competitive advantage through the founders’ experience and expertise.

Peterson views the enterprise software industry as ripe for innovation as companies across various sectors increasingly rely on software to run their businesses. Advancements in AI and automation tools are creating tailwinds for the industry, but Peterson remains cautious about companies that heavily emphasize AI in their value proposition. He believes that the focus should be on the value being added to customers and the differentiation from competitors, rather than just the use of AI technology. Peterson understands the challenge for entrepreneurs to navigate hype cycles, having gone through similar experiences with trends like “Big Data” and “DevOps” in their own startup journey.

Despite the potential of AI and automation in enterprise software, Peterson remains focused on the value being created for customers. He emphasizes the importance of building solutions that address the needs of companies and provide tangible benefits, rather than just leveraging the latest technology trends. With Aviso Ventures, Peterson aims to support early-stage startups in the enterprise and infrastructure software space, leveraging his experience as an operator in the industry. By providing advice and guidance to founders in their portfolio, Aviso seeks to enable companies to succeed in a rapidly evolving software landscape while focusing on delivering value to their customers.

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