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Search and rescue crews in northern B.C. are currently looking for a man who may have fallen into a river after going rock climbing. Spencer Edouard Oliver went rock climbing on Tuesday and did not return, prompting his family to notify the police the following day. The 30-year-old was last seen near the Hagwilget Bridge, a steel suspension bridge along Highway 62 that spans the Bulkley River. Evidence at the scene suggests that Oliver may have fallen into the river, leading to an extensive search effort by local authorities and search and rescue teams from neighboring communities.

Described as a 30-year-old Caucasian male, Oliver is five-feet-nine-inches tall, weighs 157 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes. Local fire departments, B.C. Ambulance, Police Dog Services, and search and rescue teams from Houston, Smithers, and Terrace have all joined in the search efforts. Despite utilizing boats, helicopters, and swift water teams, search efforts on Wednesday lasted until 5 p.m. with no success. The search continued into Thursday as crews continued to scan the area for any sign of Oliver.

The situation is concerning as the search efforts have thus far been unsuccessful in locating Oliver, and there is a growing sense of urgency to find him. The community of New Hazelton is coming together to support the search and rescue crews in their efforts to find Oliver and bring him home safely. The rugged terrain and challenging conditions along the river make the search efforts even more difficult, but the teams remain determined to locate Oliver and ensure his well-being.

The search for Spencer Edouard Oliver is ongoing, with hopes high that he will be found safe and sound. The support from the local community and neighboring search and rescue teams is crucial in ensuring that every effort is made to locate Oliver. As the search continues, authorities are urging anyone with information about Oliver’s whereabouts to come forward and assist in the search efforts. The resilience and dedication of the search and rescue crews demonstrate their commitment to finding Oliver and bringing closure to his worried family and friends.

The community is eagerly awaiting news of Oliver’s whereabouts, and there is a sense of unity as everyone comes together to support the search efforts. The rugged wilderness of northern B.C. presents challenges to the search and rescue teams, but their determination and expertise give hope that Oliver will be found soon. As the search continues, the priority remains on finding Oliver and bringing him back to safety, providing some relief to his family and loved ones who are anxiously waiting for his return.

The search efforts for Spencer Edouard Oliver are a testament to the dedication and teamwork of the search and rescue crews involved in the operation. Despite the challenging conditions and rugged terrain, the crews are putting their best foot forward to locate Oliver and ensure his safe return. The community’s unwavering support and the collaborative efforts of multiple agencies highlight the importance of coming together in times of crisis. The hope is that Oliver will be found soon, bringing an end to the uncertainty and worry that his family, friends, and the community are currently experiencing.

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