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Glasses USA offers various discounts on both frames and lenses, making it an attractive option for anyone in need of new glasses. One of the deals available is a buy one, get one free offer, where using the code BOGOFREE allows customers to get a second pair of glasses for free. This offer includes one “premium” frame, and the discount will cover the cheaper of the two pairs of glasses. Another option is to use the coupon code SAVE30 to get 30% off frames and free shipping for a single pair of glasses with basic prescription lenses, excluding premium, on-sale, or “new arrival” glasses. This coupon can also be used for savings on sunglasses.

Additionally, customers can enjoy 50% off lens upgrades by using the code LENSES50, and save on select designer frames with the promo code DESIGNER40. However, it’s important to note that quite a few brands are excluded from this offer. Another promo code, MULTI150, allows customers to save $150 on progressive lenses. If you need both glasses and contacts, spending over $120 on contacts can get you free glasses with the offer code FREE-GLASSES. It’s worth mentioning that this offer does not apply to premium, luxury, sale, Marsai Martin X collection, or the Von Miller x collection.

In terms of the separate offers available, the buy one, get one free deal provides customers with the opportunity to purchase one pair of glasses and receive a second pair for free using the code BOGOFREE. This offer is especially appealing for those looking to update their glasses collection or wanting to have a backup pair on hand. The 30% off frames promotion, with the promo code SAVE30, is an attractive option for those in need of a single pair of glasses, as it provides savings on frames with basic prescription lenses and includes free shipping. Customers can also use this offer to save on sunglasses.

For those interested in upgrading their lenses, the 50% off lens upgrades offer with the code LENSES50 is a great way to enhance their glasses at a discounted price. Additionally, utilizing the promo code DESIGNER40 allows customers to save on select designer frames, although some brands are excluded from this promotion. Customers looking for progressive lenses can benefit from the $150 savings offered with the promo code MULTI150. Lastly, those needing both glasses and contacts can take advantage of the free glasses offer with a minimum purchase of $120 on contacts using the code FREE-GLASSES, although certain collections are excluded from this deal.

Overall, Glasses USA offers a variety of discounts and promotions for customers in need of new glasses. Whether you’re looking for multiple pairs, upgrades, or a combination of glasses and contacts, there are various deals available to help you save money on your purchase. By using the different promo codes provided, customers can take advantage of buy one, get one free offers, discounts on frames, lens upgrades, designer frames, and progressive lenses. It’s important to review the exclusions and terms of each offer to ensure you qualify for the savings before making a purchase.

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