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Sarah Bird, a Seattle tech veteran who previously led SEO software startup Moz, has been named as the new CEO of Canvas, a software company that specializes in technology for remodeling, architecture, and interior design. Bird joined Moz in 2007 as the chief operating officer and left the company in November 2021 following its acquisition by J2 Global. After leaving Moz, Bird took almost two years on sabbatical to engage in activities such as travel, startup investing, volunteering, and remodeling her home. She also announced her engagement on LinkedIn.

Following her sabbatical, Sarah Bird expressed feeling “powered up” and referred to the CEO position at Canvas as her “next dream role.” Canvas utilizes LiDAR-enabled iPhone or iPad scans to create precise 3D representations of homes and generate interactive models with accurate measurements. By converting the scans into detailed, editable, as-built files in industry-standard formats, Canvas provides innovative solutions for professionals in the remodeling, architecture, and interior design industries. The company has its origins in 2008 when Jeffrey Powers and Vikas Reddy co-founded the firm named Occipital Inc.

In a statement on LinkedIn, Sarah Bird expressed her enthusiasm for joining Canvas and highlighted the groundbreaking technology and the value it provides to the customers. She stated that the customers of Canvas are the artisans of their living spaces, combining art and science in their work to enhance the beauty and functionality of environments. Bird expressed her commitment to supporting these professionals in their workflow and contributing to their success. As the new CEO of Canvas, Bird emphasized that one of her initial priorities is to enhance the leadership team, including appointing a chief revenue officer.

With a background in law, having graduated from the University of Washington School of Law, Sarah Bird brings a wealth of experience to her new role at Canvas. She has previously been involved with the Washington Technology Industry Association and has shown a keen interest in the tech industry. Bird’s tenure at Moz has equipped her with leadership skills and a strategic vision that she aims to leverage in her new role at Canvas. By focusing on filling gaps in the leadership team and aligning business strategies with customer needs, Bird aims to drive growth and innovation within the company.

As the new CEO of Canvas, Sarah Bird is poised to lead the company in leveraging its cutting-edge technology to serve professionals in the remodeling, architecture, and interior design sectors. With a deep understanding of the intersection of technology and creativity, Bird aims to support artisans in creating beautiful and functional spaces. By prioritizing the needs of customers, enhancing the leadership team, and driving business growth, Bird’s appointment marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Canvas. Her combination of experience, skills, and vision positions her as a valuable asset in driving success for the company and its customers.

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