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During a recent appearance on the “New Heights” podcast with Jason and Travis Kelce, Saquon Barkley revealed that his father, Alibay Barkley, would support the New York Jets over the Philadelphia Eagles in a Super Bowl matchup, despite his son now playing for the Eagles. Barkley explained that his father, who was born the same year the Jets won their first and only Super Bowl with Joe Namath, has never even worn his Giants jersey and instead opts to wear a Namath Jets jersey. Barkley acknowledged that it would be sad for him as a player to see his father root against him, but he understands his father’s loyalty to the Jets.

When Saquon Barkley signed a three-year, $26 million guaranteed deal with the Eagles, it came as a shock to many New York Giants fans. However, Barkley’s father, a die-hard Jets fan, was likely the only one who was not upset by the move. Despite facing criticism from Giants legend Tiki Barber, who said Barkley was “dead” to him following the news, Barkley defended his decision during the podcast appearance. He urged former players like Barber to understand the business side of the NFL and not feed into negative reactions from fans, emphasizing the importance of educating and informing instead.

Barkley played in 14 games the previous season, missing three due to a high ankle sprain. He rushed for 962 yards and six touchdowns while also recording 41 catches and four receiving touchdowns. The Giants had used the franchise tag on Barkley last season, eventually agreeing to a one-year, $10.1 million contract before training camp began. If the franchise tag had been used again this year, it would have cost the team $12.2 million, assuming Barkley accepted the offer. Despite his successful tenure with the Giants, Barkley decided to sign with the Eagles, causing a stir among fans and former players alike.

While some may have been surprised by Barkley’s decision to join the Eagles, the running back remains confident in his choice and understands the reaction from fans and critics. He emphasized that former NFL players like Barber should offer insight and education to fans rather than fueling negative emotions. Barkley’s career move may have caused some tension among Giants fans, but it is clear that his father’s unwavering support for the Jets would not waver in the event of a potential Super Bowl showdown between the Jets and the Eagles. Despite the mixed reactions to his move, Barkley is determined to make an impact with his new team and continue to excel on the field.

As discussions continue about Barkley’s transition to the Eagles and his father’s loyalty to the Jets, it is evident that family ties and personal allegiances can have a significant impact on player decisions and fan reactions. Barkley’s father’s unwavering support for the Jets showcases the deep-rooted connections fans have with their teams, even in the face of unexpected player movements. While Barkley navigates his new team and role with the Eagles, he remains focused on his performance on the field and the opportunities that lie ahead in his NFL career. Despite the challenges and criticism he may face, Barkley is determined to prove himself and make an impact with his new team.

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