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The property developer Pantai Indah Kapuk Dua (PIK 2), backed by billionaire Anthoni Salim and entrepreneur Sugianto Kusuma, announced plans to invest $2.5 billion to develop a 1,755-hectare tourism estate in Banten, a coastal town north of Jakarta. The project, expected to create 30,000 jobs, will feature a safari area, golf course, hotels, and an international motor racing circuit, with completion slated for 2060. It will be connected to Jakarta and Soekarno-Hatta International Airport via the 40-kilometer Katara toll road, currently under construction and set to open within a year.

The ambitious project has been included in the government’s list of strategic projects being undertaken by the private sector and is projected to attract 10 million domestic and foreign tourists annually, contributing to the economic growth of Southeast Asia’s largest economy. PIK 2 is primarily owned by Multi Artha Pratama (MAP), with an 89.2% stake, a joint venture between the Salim Group and Agung Sedayu, spearheaded by Anthoni Salim and Sugianto Kusuma. In 2020, MAP completed reclamation works of two islands in northern Jakarta, turning them into a mixed-use waterfront residential and commercial estate.

Anthoni Salim, with a net worth of $10.3 billion, and his family rank fifth on Indonesia’s 50 Richest list, as of December. Salim heads the Salim Group, a conglomerate with interests in food, banking, and energy. Indofood, the group’s food subsidiary, generated $7 billion in revenue last year, positioning it as one of the world’s largest instant noodle producers. In addition to their food business, Salim has made significant mining investments in recent years, holding valuable stakes in companies like Bumi Resources, Medco Energy, and Amman Mineral.

The collaboration between PIK 2, led by Anthoni Salim and Sugianto Kusuma, showcases their commitment to driving economic development through large-scale projects in Indonesia. The tourism estate in Banten is set to not only provide a boost to the local economy but also enhance Indonesia’s appeal as a tourist destination. The development of infrastructure, such as the Katara toll road, will improve connectivity between Jakarta and the upcoming estate, facilitating easier access for visitors and residents alike.

The announcement of PIK 2’s $2.5 billion investment in the tourism estate in Banten underscores the confidence of major investors like Anthoni Salim and Sugianto Kusuma in Indonesia’s growth potential. As the government continues to prioritize strategic projects undertaken by the private sector, initiatives like this are crucial for stimulating economic activity and attracting foreign investment. With the project expected to create thousands of jobs and draw millions of tourists annually, it is poised to have a significant impact on the region’s economic landscape and contribute to its long-term prosperity.

Overall, the development of the 1,755-hectare tourism estate in Banten represents a major milestone for Pantai Indah Kapuk Dua (PIK 2), Multi Artha Pratama (MAP), and their stakeholders. With an ambitious vision for the project’s completion by 2060, the company’s investment in infrastructure, hospitality, and entertainment facilities demonstrates a long-term commitment to sustainable growth and innovation in Indonesia’s tourism sector. As Anthoni Salim and Sugianto Kusuma lead this transformative endeavor, they reinforce their position as key players in advancing the country’s economic development and shaping its future as a premier tourist destination in Southeast Asia.

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