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Kevin reassured Ruby during a phone call that he was committed to their family and marriage, offering his support no matter what happens. Despite this, he has filed for divorce from Ruby, with his lawyer disclosing that the couple had been living apart for over a year prior to her arrest. E! News reached out to the lawyers for Ruby, Kevin, and Jodi for comments on the phone call but did not receive a response. Ruby, who operated the 8 Passengers YouTube channel, was sentenced to four to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty to four counts of aggravated child abuse. Her lawyer stated that she had no plans of appealing the sentence.

The family vlogger was initially arrested in August on aggravated child abuse charges following a report of a starving child in Utah. The Santa Clara-Ivins Public Safety Department revealed that the child was severely malnourished, with open wounds and duct tape around the extremities. During her court hearing, Ruby expressed remorse to her children and husband, acknowledging that she had followed misguided counsel and had fallen into a dark delusion over the past four years. She confessed her distorted version of reality where she isolated herself from anyone who challenged her beliefs, leading her to believe that dark was light and right was wrong. Ruby apologized for taking away all that was soft, safe, and good from her children.

Ruby’s lawyer clarified that she had no intention of appealing the sentence despite the severity of her punishment. It was determined by authorities that the child in question was in an extremely severe condition, indicating a pattern of abuse and neglect. The situation escalated to the point where Ruby was charged with aggravated child abuse, resulting in her prison sentence. Despite her apology in court, Ruby’s actions have had a lasting impact on her family, with Kevin ultimately deciding to file for divorce. The phone call between Kevin and Ruby highlighted his support and commitment to their family, but the events that transpired led to the breakdown of their marriage.

The court livestreamed Ruby’s hearing where she admitted to her mistakes and the harm she had caused her family. She expressed deep regret for her actions and the consequences they had on her children. Ruby’s distorted view of reality led her down a dangerous path of isolation and delusion, resulting in the neglect and abuse of her children. She acknowledged the pain and suffering she caused her family, promising to do anything in her power to make amends. Despite the severity of her sentence and the dissolution of her marriage, Ruby’s lawyer made it clear that she had no plans to appeal, indicating a sense of acceptance and accountability for her actions.

The case attracted significant media attention due to Ruby’s public persona as a family vlogger on YouTube. The revelation of her criminal charges and subsequent sentencing shocked her followers and the online community. Ruby’s descent into a dark delusion and the resulting harm she caused her children sparked outrage and disgust among viewers. The court proceedings and her subsequent apology shed light on the extent of the abuse and neglect that occurred in her household. The fallout from Ruby’s actions will have lasting repercussions on her family and online presence, serving as a cautionary tale of the dangers of isolating oneself and following misguided counsel.

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