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Summarize this content to 2000 words in 6 paragraphs It’s not quite Peter Costello’s “one for mum, one for dad, and one for the country”, but Treasurer Jim Chalmers wants Australians to have more children.Chalmers – himself a father of three – said the government wanted to give people support if they wanted to have children, but ruled out a Costello-style baby bonus. He reckons there are better ways to go about it. “It would be better if birth rates were higher,” he said in an interview with this masthead’s podcast The Morning Edition.“I think people are leaving it later. And sometimes that means you get timed out. But there are a whole range of reasons people’s preferences are changing. It’s expensive to raise kids.”(Speaking as a father of two, you’re not wrong on that last point, Jim.) Treasurer Jim Chalmers prepares for his first budget in 2022 with children Jack (left), Annabel and Leo.Credit: AAPMeanwhile, social media giants will be called before a parliamentary inquiry into the societal damage done by Facebook, TikTok and other platforms as Elon Musk expands his legal challenge against Australia’s online watchdog.Musk’s company X, formerly known as Twitter, this week launched a case in the Administrative Appeals Tribunal testing the merits of eSafety Commissioner Julie Inman Grant’s order to remove videos of the April stabbing of a Sydney priest.X Corp will use its case to argue Musk’s view that by blocking the video to all Australians – including those using networks that obscure their location – the watchdog is effectively seeking a global ban outside its jurisdiction and that Inman Grant’s decision was made without a proper basis.And, in Victoria, former pilot Gregory Lynn has pleaded not guilty to the murders of campers Russell Hill and Carol Clay as opening statements are set to be outlined to the Supreme Court jury today.Overseas, US correspondent Farrah Tomazin is reporting on Donald Trump’s hush money trial, where, in a combative few hours of cross-examination, the former president’s lawyers sought to portray porn star Stormy Daniels as a promiscuous extortionist.

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