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Early screenings of the movie Sasquatch Sunset have shocked theatergoers with graphic depictions of bodily functions, leading to some fleeing the theater during the scenes. However, star and producer Jesse Eisenberg has focused on the positive response the film has received, describing it as a “life-changing visual experience.” Eisenberg is one of four members of a nomadic cryptid family in the movie, which also stars Riley Keough, Christophe Zajac-Denek, and Nathan Zellner. The film follows the family as they go about their daily lives with frankness and explores themes of hunting, gathering, excreting, mating, and exploring the world around them.

Despite the unconventional nature of the film, Eisenberg shares that he fell in love with the story early on and was drawn to its unique and creative elements. The script features dialogue in the form of hooting and grunting, with no voiceover narration commonly found in Sasquatch documentaries. The movie challenges traditional conventions and offers a character-centric and emotional story that captivated those involved in its production, including the high-profile stars and cinematographer Mike Gioulakis. Despite its risky nature, many people were drawn to the brilliant and unusual nature of the film.

The production of Sasquatch Sunset involved extensive physical transformations for the actors, as they were covered in glue, prosthetics, paint, hair, and more to bring the Sasquatch characters to life without the use of computer-generated effects. Eisenberg describes the process as claustrophobic, psychologically taxing, and physically exhausting, but ultimately rewarding as they became the living embodiment of the characters’ experiences. The cast filmed in the California Redwoods, studied existing Sasquatch footage, and even attended a Sasquatch boot camp to develop a primitive form of Sasquatch language and movement.

The most memorable scene for Eisenberg involved the family coming across a man-made road, which triggers their instinct to dominate and attack it with bodily fluids. This scene, which led to walk-outs during screenings, combines humor with empathy as the audience both laughs at and sympathizes with the characters. The film challenges viewers to engage with the Sasquatch family in a unique and thought-provoking way, presenting a one-of-a-kind art project that stands out in the film industry. Despite its divisive reactions, Sasquatch Sunset offers a fresh and unconventional take on the Sasquatch genre that pushes boundaries and challenges traditional storytelling conventions.

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