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Mike Pence, the former vice president under President Trump, has landed a new position at Grove City College in Pennsylvania. He will be teaching a course at the conservative Christian school as the Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Faith & Public Life at the Center for Faith & Public Life. Pence’s role will involve exploring and supporting the presence of Christian faith in public institutions and engaging with students to discuss the importance of faith in society.

In a statement, Pence expressed his honor at being appointed as a visiting fellow at Grove City College. He emphasized the importance of faith and public engagement, noting that Christians working towards the common good have historically made significant impacts on the world. Pence commended the college for their commitment to fostering young leaders who embody integrity and principle, prepared to make a positive difference in society. President Paul J. McNulty praised Pence as the perfect choice for the fellowship and highlighted the relevance of faith in the public square.

McNulty emphasized the significance of faith in society and the role of Christians in pursuing justice and mercy for the common good. The Center for Faith & Public Life will examine how Christians have put their faith into action and will serve as a platform for thought leadership and impactful voices in public life. Pence’s extensive experience in politics, combined with his strong Christian faith, makes him a valuable asset to the center, according to McNulty.

As one of America’s prominent Christian political leaders, Pence has openly discussed how his faith guides his actions as a public servant. His wealth of experience in Congress, as governor of Indiana, and as vice president under President Trump will provide valuable insights for students at Grove City College. In his new role, Pence will teach courses, engage with students, and participate in various events at the school, enriching the educational experience for the community.

Since leaving office, Pence has been involved in writing a book, “So Help Me God,” and running for the Republican nomination in the 2024 presidential election, although he has since suspended his campaign. His new role at Grove City College allows him to continue sharing his insights, experiences, and faith with students, promoting the values of integrity, leadership, and Christian principles. Pence’s appointment at the Center for Faith & Public Life underscores the importance of faith in shaping public discourse and influencing future leaders in society.

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