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Columbus police and Ohio State officers were called to the Wexner Medical Center on Ohio State’s campus after a victim with a gunshot wound arrived at the hospital in a car with visible bullet holes. The victim was connected to an earlier reported shooting in South Linden, which happened around 5:17 p.m. Neither agency provided details on the victim’s injuries or a potential suspect at the time, but it was confirmed that the shooting did not occur on Ohio State’s campus, but rather on East 21st Ave.

Photos taken at the scene showed police cars from both Ohio State University and Columbus parked at the hospital, with crime scene tape set up around the area. The back window of a car within the tape was broken out, and there were visible bullet holes on the rear door of the vehicle. This indicated that the car was likely involved in the shooting incident. The police investigation is ongoing, and more information is expected to be released as it becomes available.

The victim who arrived at Wexner Medical Center was the second person with gunshot wounds connected to the incident in South Linden. Another victim was taken to Grant Medical Center separately and was reported to be in stable condition. It is unclear how the two victims were related or what led to the shooting incident. Columbus police and Ohio State officers are working together to gather information and track down any potential suspects involved in the incident.

At this time, it is unknown what circumstances led to the shooting in South Linden and why the victim ended up at Wexner Medical Center after the incident. The severity of the injuries sustained by the victim has not been disclosed, and there is no information on whether the victim is cooperating with the investigation. Authorities are urging anyone with information about the shooting to come forward and help with the ongoing investigation to bring those responsible to justice.

The presence of both Ohio State University police and Columbus officers at the scene indicates the severity of the situation and the collaborative effort between the two agencies to address the shooting incident. The safety and security of the campus community are a top priority for both authorities, and steps will be taken to ensure that incidents like this do not happen again in the future. Updates on the investigation will be provided as more details emerge regarding the shooting and the circumstances surrounding the incident.

For the latest updates on this developing story, viewers are encouraged to stay tuned to NBC4 WCMH-TV for news, weather updates, sports coverage, and streaming video. As more information becomes available, the public will be informed about any developments in the investigation and the efforts to bring those responsible to justice. It is critical that the community comes together to support law enforcement in their efforts to address and prevent violent incidents like the shooting in South Linden from happening again.

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