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Summarize this content to 2000 words in 6 paragraphs With Mother’s Day nearly here, many people are hoping to get flowers for their moms, wives, grandmothers and more — but inflation, supply issues and other factors have caused the price of a bouquet or arrangement to skyrocket.What to do? Fear not, as there are some relatively simple ways to turn even an inexpensive supermarket bouquet into something that looks like it was professionally arranged.HOT FLOWER TRENDS FOR 2024: HERE’S WHAT’S IN AND WHAT’S OUT IN THE WORLD OF BLOOMSHere are five smart tips to try from experts.1. Go for classic, fragrant floralsTo maximize the impact of a flower arrangement for a minimal cost, opt for flowers that have a classic, memorable scent.  Jennifer Murphy, owner of Forget Me Knots Custom Events and Floral Design in Floral Park, New York, told the Associated Press that using fragrant flowers like roses and lilies are “classic choices that will fill the room with their sweet aroma and make your bouquet even more memorable.”2. Add personality with a unique container “A cute pitcher or a vintage Mason jar can add personality to your arrangement,” Murphy told the AP. WEDDING FLOWERS THAT LOOK BEAUTIFUL BUT WON’T BREAK THE BANKOther fun, memorable alternatives to vases for flowers include wine bottles, teapots, watering cans and even wellington boots, said the website “Blossoming Gifts.” Watering cans provide a “rustic and bohemian look,” said the site, and wine bottles can be a chic alternative to a vase for longer stemmed flowers.  3. Be smart about arrangement and careFlowers purchased at the supermarket will need to be treated with care to ensure they last through Mother’s Day, Murphy said, as the AP noted.Trim the stems at an angle, remove any leaves that are below the water line of the container and put them in a vase to hydrate. This will help lengthen the life of the flowers, she said. TEXAS WOMAN ORDERS POPPY FLOWERS, GETS FLOWERS SHAPED LIKE PUPPY INSTEAD: ‘BEST MISTAKE EVER’When buying flowers, look for varieties with “heartier” stems that are not mushy, said the website Food52, as that could be a sign that the flowers are at the end of their lives.Additionally, be sure to use room-temperature water. When it comes to assembling the bouquet into an elevated arrangement, placement of the flowers is important, she said. The tallest flowers should go in the back, Murphy told the AP, and shorter ones in the front. 4. Add greenery and ‘filler’ flowers to plus-up a cheap bouquet into an expensive-looking arrangement”Filler flowers,” Murphy also said, are a “secret weapon” for florists. Fillers such as baby’s breath and wax flowers add depth and fill gaps in arrangements when they’re incorporated among the larger blooms. These make the arrangements look fuller and more lush, and the flowers themselves are on trend these days. “Baby’s breath is reclaiming its spotlight, particularly in bridal bouquets and wedding arrangements,” Jennifer Allen told Fox News Digital in an email. Allen is CEO, wedding specialist, floral arrangement specialist and officiant at Just Elope LLC, a Texas-based wedding planning business that specializes in elopements or small wedding ceremonies.  The plant is “not just a filler anymore,” according to Allen.”Couples are making it a focal point,” she said. 5. Go green, literally and figurativelyExtra green plants make a bouquet “pop,” Murphy told the AP.And many of these plants can be found in a standard garden or even a kitchen herb garden. Examples of these plants include ivy, myrtle, viburnum – even basil, mint and sage. Greenery serves to “add texture and make your arrangement look fuller,” Murphy told AP.The Associated Press contributed reporting.For more Lifestyle articles, visit

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