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Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Republican from Tennessee, recently introduced a resolution to recognize October 10 as “American Girls in Sports Day” in response to the Biden administration’s revisions to Title IX. This move comes as Tennessee is one of six states that have sued the Department of Education over the overhaul of Title IX, which has been in place for nearly 50 years and aims to provide women with equal opportunities in educational programs and activities. Blackburn believes that the Biden administration is erasing the contributions made by women and changing the world of athletics as we know it, prompting her to champion this resolution to celebrate girls and women in sports.

More than 20 Republican senators co-sponsored the resolution, showcasing support for the initiative to recognize and honor the achievements of girls and women in sports. The resolution also received backing from former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines, former ESPN anchor Sage Steele, the Independent Women’s Forum, and other groups. Riley Gaines praised Tennessee women like Blackburn, Wilma Rudolph, and Pat Head Summit for paving the way for women to serve and compete at the highest levels. Steele expressed her disgust with the Biden administration’s decision to overhaul Title IX and stood alongside Blackburn in the fight to protect and celebrate women and girls.

Gaines criticized the Biden administration’s revision of Title IX as the “most anti-woman” pursuit of this administration, highlighting concerns about how the new rules could impact transgender athletes. The overhaul aims to safeguard LGBTQ+ students and change the adjudication of sexual harassment and assault claims on college campuses. The lawsuit, co-led by Tennessee, West Virginia, and Kentucky and joined by Virginia, Ohio, and Indiana, challenges the authority of the rewrite and argues that the new rules do not provide clear guidance regarding transgender athletes, creating ambiguity that could affect women’s sports.

Overall, the resolution introduced by Sen. Marsha Blackburn seeks to recognize and celebrate the achievements of girls and women in sports, especially in light of the Biden administration’s revisions to Title IX. Blackburn, along with other Republican senators and prominent figures in women’s sports, believe that the administration’s changes could undermine the progress made in promoting equality and opportunities for women in athletics. By championing this resolution and standing up against the overhaul of Title IX, they aim to protect and uplift women and girls who strive to compete at the highest levels and ensure that their contributions are acknowledged and celebrated.

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