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Rooster Teeth, known for its hit series Red vs. Blue, is shutting down, but fans can still look forward to one final season. Red vs. Blue Restoration will be released as a feature-length movie online on May 7, with digital rentals available two weeks later. This marks the end of the 19-year run of the snarky animated series that was a pioneer in online video and fan sites, featuring sci-fi soldiers from the Halo game franchise.

Despite the closure of Rooster Teeth by Warner Bros. Discovery, there’s a possibility that the rights to popular shows like Red vs. Blue, RWBY, and gen:LOCK could still be sold to other buyers. The upcoming movie, written by co-founder Burnie Burns and directed by Matt Hullum, is being described as the “final chapter” of the beloved series. Both Burns and Hullum express pride and excitement for concluding this 21-year journey with their fans.

Rooster Teeth, which was acquired by Fullscreen in 2014 and later became part of Warner Bros. Discovery, has had a tumultuous history amidst company mergers and financial struggles. Warner Bros. Discovery is still grappling with a significant amount of debt, leading to the decision to close Rooster Teeth. Although attempts were made to sell the site, they were unsuccessful due to a challenging environment for older digital and legacy media outlets.

Red vs. Blue has been a cornerstone of Rooster Teeth’s legacy, helping to build a strong fan connection and establishing annual conferences like RTX. The series was launched online before platforms like YouTube became popular, finding success through its own website and physical media releases. The impact of Red vs. Blue on the growth of Rooster Teeth is evident in the company’s continued success and loyal fanbase.

The upcoming release of Red vs. Blue Restoration as a feature-length movie marks a new direction for the series after almost two decades of episodic content. The movie’s release serves as a final chapter in the Red vs. Blue saga, providing closure for fans who have been following the adventures of the colorful characters for years. Despite the closure of Rooster Teeth, the legacy of Red vs. Blue and other popular shows will continue to live on through potential future adaptations or reimaginings by new rights holders.

As fans prepare for the release of Red vs. Blue Restoration, they reflect on the impact the series has had on the world of online entertainment and gaming culture. The unique blend of humor, action, and storytelling in Red vs. Blue has left a lasting impression on audiences around the globe. As one chapter ends, fans eagerly anticipate what the future may hold for the beloved characters and world of Red vs. Blue.

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