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The Solana meme coin $PUNDU has raised $37 million in its presale, while Dogecoin20’s presale is still open and nearing a $10 million hard cap. Dogecoin20, an upgraded version of Dogecoin, has already raised over $7.6 million in just a week. The presale has been extended due to high demand, but it is expected to sell out soon. Dogecoin20 aims to bring Dogecoin to the Ethereum blockchain, eliminating the inflationary supply and expensive mining system.

Ethereum remains the top blockchain for decentralized applications, and Dogecoin20’s integration with it makes it even more attractive. Dogecoin’s price is on the rise, and Dogecoin20 is following closely behind. The presale for Dogecoin20 has been extended, with the hard cap target being increased to $10 million to accommodate the demand. Prospective contributors are advised to act quickly to secure the lowest prices before the presale ends.

Dogecoin20 offers on-chain staking, providing passive income and a fixed supply of tokens. Stakers can earn rewards denominated in $DOGE20, and more than 21 billion tokens have already been staked. The upgraded version addresses the inflation problem of Dogecoin, attracting attention from Chinese investors. The crypto market is seeing a significant influx of money from China, with projects like Dogecoin20, Pundu, and other meme coins attracting substantial funding.

Top finance news sites and YouTube influencers are excited about Dogecoin20, with coverage spanning various platforms. Dogecoin20 has received attention from major media outlets and influencers, including endorsements from popular YouTubers. While Dogecoin remains the king of meme coins, Dogecoin20’s focus on enhancing the original Dogecoin concept is seen as an attractive investment opportunity. Investors who got in early on Dogecoin have seen significant returns, and the potential for similar gains with Dogecoin20 is promising.

Investing in crypto assets like Dogecoin20 carries high risks, and individuals should conduct thorough research before investing. The potential for gains in the meme coin sector is substantial, with Dogecoin20 anticipated to increase significantly in value at launch. The token can be purchased with various cryptocurrencies or fiat, providing accessibility to a wider range of investors. Joining the Dogecoin20 community on social media channels can provide valuable information and updates about the project and investment opportunities.

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