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WrestleMania 40 is set to take place at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, with a stacked card that includes some of the biggest names in WWE history. One of the key matches announced for the event is a tag-team match featuring Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins taking on Roman Reigns & The Rock. The storyline leading up to this match has been filled with twists and turns, with multiple title implications on the line. The Rock’s return to WWE added a new dimension to the feud, with high stakes and intense rivalries at play.

Another highly anticipated match on the card is Rhea Ripley defending her RAW Women’s Championship against Becky Lynch. Both women are at the top of their game and have been engaged in a fierce rivalry leading up to WrestleMania. The match promises to be a hard-hitting battle between two of the top female competitors in WWE, setting the stage for a potential long-lasting feud between the two.

The Intercontinental Championship will also be on the line at WrestleMania 40, with Gunther defending his title against a determined Sami Zayn. Gunther has held the championship for over 400 days, but Zayn is hungry to claim the gold for himself. The match promises to be a high-energy showdown between two talented competitors, with the potential for a title change on the line.

A personal feud between brothers Jey Uso and Jimmy Uso will also come to a head at WrestleMania, with a long history of betrayal and conflict between the two siblings. The match promises to be an intense showdown between two former allies turned bitter enemies, with high emotions and personal stakes at play. The match is expected to be a highlight of the event, with fans eagerly anticipating the final showdown between the two brothers.

The WrestleMania card also features a 6-Pack ladder match for the tag team titles, with six teams vying for the championships in an epic ladder match showdown. The match promises to be a high-flying, action-packed affair, with the potential for any team to come out on top. With two sets of tag team titles on the line, the stakes are high and the competition fierce as the teams battle it out for wrestling glory.

In addition to the tag team match, a women’s match featuring Jade Cargill, Naomi, and Bianca Belair taking on the faction Damage CTRL adds another layer of excitement to the WrestleMania card. With tensions high and rivalries brewing, the match promises to be a thrilling showcase of female talent and athleticism. The match is expected to be a highlight of the event, with fans eagerly anticipating the showdown between the two factions.

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