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NBC News’ announcement of Ronna McDaniel as a paid contributor led to backlash from staff, resulting in her ousting from the role only 80 hours later. NBC Universal News Group boss Cesar Conde sent a memo reversing his decision to hire McDaniel due to the concerns raised by his team. The delay in addressing the situation allowed the crisis to grow into a significant public relations disaster for the company.

Conde took responsibility for McDaniel’s hire in his note but also pointed out that it was a collective recommendation by some members of the leadership team. The internal conflict among NBC executives over who was to blame for the situation created tension within the company. Despite the efforts by the NBCU C-suite to resist removing McDaniel, they were ultimately forced to give in to the pressure from their talent, highlighting the lack of true control within the company.

The company is now facing criticism from right-wing personalities, including Donald Trump, who accuse NBC of being overrun with intolerant woke leftists. Despite this narrative, the objection to McDaniel was not due to her Republican affiliation but stemmed from her involvement in the 2020 election subversion and history of smearing NBC News and MSNBC. NBCU will have to deal with the damage to its reputation in Republican circles caused by biased attacks from the right.

McDaniel is reportedly preparing for a possible legal battle with NBCU following her dismissal, as the rift between her and the network had escalated. While the company faces criticism from the right, its leadership was praised by journalists and top stars within the network for reversing the decision to hire McDaniel. Rachel Maddow and Joy Reid commended Conde for his actions, viewing it as a show of strength and respect for the employees of the company.

The aftermath of the McDaniel controversy has exposed weaknesses in NBCU’s leadership and decision-making process, leading to internal strife and external criticism. The company will need to address the fallout from the situation and rebuild trust with its employees and the public. Moving forward, NBCU must be more careful in its hiring decisions and handling of controversial figures to prevent similar conflicts in the future. The company faces a challenge in restoring its reputation and relationships with both its staff and external stakeholders.

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