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Greg Moran, CEO and Co-Founder of Zoomcar, believes that AI’s influence on travel technology is at an inflection point with promises of radical and infinite advancements. From personalized experiences to immersive interactions, the potential for AI to revolutionize travel and mobility is significant. Moran predicts that AI will alter interactions in sectors such as rideshare commuting, business trips, and international vacations, with effects already beginning to take shape.

In the short term, AI is expected to make travel more personalized, efficient, and precise through improvements in pricing, sorting, and showcasing products to customers. Moran sees AI streamlining the core of transportation technology with a focus on pricing, cataloging, and product customization. Over the next six to 12 months, AI tools and machine learning techniques can enhance platform interfaces, refine pricing strategies, and improve inventory display for customers to easily find products that suit their needs.

In the medium term, Moran predicts that AI will improve advanced search capabilities and discoverability in the travel planning process. Innovations like ChatGPT exemplify the changes occurring in searchability and discoverability, with AI offering open-ended searches to identify specific desired products and plan detailed itineraries for customers. Moran believes that AI will soon be able to help customers find highly individualized and focused results based on vague or incomplete parameters, enhancing the booking experience.

Looking towards the long term, Moran envisions a future where AI bridges transportation technology and mobility services, providing integrated and holistic travel experiences. AI can streamline elements like accommodations, rentals, activities, cuisine, and attractions to create uniquely customized and visceral travel planning experiences. Moran anticipates advancements like video-based simulations, augmented reality previews of rental cars, and generative AI layouts for vacation rentals to enhance the travel planning process and create immersive consumer experiences.

The technology enabling these immersive experiences is becoming increasingly embedded in travel technology, with potential for rapid evolution. AI’s ability to revolutionize the consumer experience is sparking a race within the travel and transportation industry to bring these advancements to fruition. As industry leaders drive AI’s integration within their companies, the real-time impact of AI on the travel and transportation sector is eagerly anticipated, indicating a significant shift in how travel experiences are planned and executed.

Overall, Moran’s insights suggest that the integration of AI within travel and transportation is on the cusp of transforming the way consumers interact with products and services in these sectors. With advancements in personalization, discoverability, and immersive experiences, AI has the potential to revolutionize the way people plan and experience travel, creating a more efficient, tailored, and engaging process for travelers around the world.

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