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Rockets on central Baghdad for the second day


The Iraqi police said that four rockets fired from eastern Baghdad yesterday landed near the Green Zone in the Iraqi capital, where government buildings and foreign missions are located, as political unrest escalates. Two police officers said there had been no reports of injuries, and no group had claimed responsibility.

A similar attack, on Wednesday, wounded seven members of the Iraqi security forces in the Green Zone.

For its part, the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned yesterday the Iranian ambassador to Iraq, Muhammad Kazem Al Sadiq, as a result of the artillery and aerial bombardment with missiles and drones on multiple cities and villages in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, over the past days.

On the other hand, Deputy Speaker of the Iraqi Parliament, Shakhwan Abdullah, called yesterday for the inclusion of all political forces, especially the Sadrist movement, in the next Iraqi government, in order to achieve political stability in the country.