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The government is urging motorists not to drive if they have been drinking during the Easter holiday, as it can lead to tragic consequences. The “Drinking? Never Drive” campaign has been re-run to remind people of the dangers of irresponsible driving. Police enforcement activities will be heightened over the long weekends to ensure the safety of road users. The government is also working to improve road safety infrastructure to prevent accidents.

During a press conference, officials emphasized the importance of safe driving during the holiday period. They warned that police would be out in force to prevent fatalities on the road. The aim is to protect the lives of drivers, passengers, and other road users by promoting responsible behavior behind the wheel. The tragic consequences of drink driving were highlighted, with an appeal for everyone to do their part in ensuring road safety.

The government’s message is clear – enjoying the long weekend should not come at the expense of endangering lives through drink driving. Police will be actively enforcing road safety laws to prevent accidents and save lives. The community is urged to take responsibility for their actions and ensure the safety of themselves and others on the road. By working together, everyone can contribute to making the roads safer for all.

The press conference served as a timely reminder of the importance of road safety during holiday periods. With increased traffic expected over Easter, Anzac Day, and Labour Day, the risk of accidents is higher. It is crucial for all road users to prioritize safety and avoid dangerous behaviors such as drink driving. The government’s efforts to improve road infrastructure are complemented by police enforcement activities, aiming to reduce road fatalities and injuries.

During the press conference, a specific incident involving a car crash at Pacific Pines was mentioned, highlighting the real-life consequences of unsafe driving. A man was fighting for his life in a Gold Coast hospital after the vehicle he was in collided with a tree. This incident serves as a somber reminder of the potential risks on the road, and the need for responsible driving practices. It underlines the urgency of promoting road safety measures to prevent such tragedies from occurring.

Overall, the government’s message is clear – road safety is a shared responsibility that requires vigilance from all road users. The “Drinking? Never Drive” campaign serves as a reminder of the dangers of drink driving, especially during holiday periods. By following road safety laws, avoiding alcohol before driving, and being mindful of others on the road, individuals can contribute to preventing accidents and saving lives. Increased police enforcement and infrastructure improvements are part of the government’s efforts to make roads safer for everyone.

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